Fort Worth Galactic Swag Expo

Fort Worth Galactic Swag Expo
Photo courtesy of Fort Worth Galactic Swag Expo

The Galactic Swag Expo is a family friendly celebration of all things sci-fi, movies, comics, games, makers, and cosplay. Along with comic, movie and game artists and writers, the expo will showcase several full scale movie vehicles from popular sci-fi movies and TV shows.

Attractions that are scheduled to appear include a full scale Millennium Falcon cockpit from Star Wars, Rick & Morty Flying Saucer, Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine, 1966 Batmobile from Batman TV Show, Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, , TRON Light Cycle from TRON Legacy, Mad Max V8 MFP Motorcycle, Jurassic Park Jeep, Robot from Lost in Space TV show, and Mach 5 Speed Racer.

Along with all the movie props and vehicles, there will also be several large Star Wars Lego Displays from LUG (Lego Users Group) and maker spaces and cosplayers dressed as their favorite characters and there will be adult and children costume competitions on Saturday and Sunday. There will be door prizes and giveaways throughout the weekend.

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9.9.18 | 11:00 am
9.8.18 | 10:30 am


Will Rogers Memorial Center
3401 W. Lancaster Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76107


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