Moudy Gallery presents Kalee Appleton: "A Number of Grand Gestures" opening reception

Moudy Gallery presents Kalee Appleton: A Number of Grand Gestures
Photo courtesy of Kalee Appleton

The Art Galleries at TCU will present "A Number of Grand Gestures," featuring new work by Kalee Appleton, Assistant Professor of Art at Texas Christian University.

Featuring new, large-scale photographic prints, "A Number of Grand Gestures" explores ideas based around the skewed perception of digital technology and its role in informing a sense of place and memory. Appleton presents drawing-like gestures with landscape imagery that migrate across the gallery walls. The forms are combinations of natural and human-made features that she has observed and experienced.

Under the swipe of Appleton’s Photoshop painting tool, rivers, trails and the demarcated edges of park lands coalesce to form the boundaries of a new, imagined geography. She experiments with scale and perspective, mixing horizontal and birds-eye views, while at the same time enlarging or shrinking details. Her selection and manipulation of such topographic and cartographic features is intuitive and experimental, and results in mysterious, enigmatic forms.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on view through September 26.

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9.5.19 | 11:00 am


Moudy Gallery
2805 S. University Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76129


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Admission is free.