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New Fort Worth car complex helps turn plain garages into custom 'autominiums'

New Fort Worth car complex turns garages into custom 'autominiums'

Autominium, Motorplace USA
Owners can trick out their "autominiums" however they'd like. Photo courtesy of Motorplace USA

Classy chassis collectors soon will have a new way to house their cars in style. Fort Worth-based Motorplace USA expects to break ground soon on its first purpose-built storage facility for exotic and classic cars, motorcycles, RVs, and other collectible automobilia.

“Motorplace USA offers a solution for enthusiasts who want dedicated space for their collectible cars, RVs, boats, jet skis, and other performance vehicles,” says Rob McWhirter, sales manager for the John Zimmerman team of New York-based Compass Realty, which handles sales for Motorplace USA.

The complex will be at 1400 N. Las Vegas Tr. at Loop 820 in Fort Worth.

The development capitalizes on a relatively new national trend for storing heavy metal of all types in customizable, secure, climate-controlled storage spaces. Around the country and throughout Dallas-Fort Worth, vehicles are getting their own, tricked-out "car condos." Imagine — more home garage space for boxes of used baby clothes and lawn fertilizer!

Rather than rent, at Motorplace USA, owners buy their individual space as a titled unit. Dubbed an “autominium,” each unit features HVAC, insulation, LED lighting, plumbing hookups, heavy-duty garage doors, mezzanines, standard entry/exit doors, and 20-27-foot ceilings. Floorplans range from 1,496 to 2,380 square feet, and multiple units can be combined for more space.

Owners can build equity in their units by installing kitchens and other amenities, and re-sell them the same way people buy and sell condominiums. Ownership also includes access to common areas and a members-only clubhouse to host private events.

“The units are an open canvas for people to do what they want,” says McWhirter. “It’s really the ultimate man-cave or she-shed for automotive enthusiasts whose hobbies have outgrown the family garage.”

Pricing starts at $158,400. McWhirter says that four of the proposed 36 units are under contract. Construction is expected to be complete by January 2019.