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New Arlington home-cooking restaurant champions chicken-fried steak

New Arlington home-cooking restaurant champions chicken-fried steak

Connie's CFW
Lay your eyes upon Connie's CFS. Photo courtesy of Connie's

For members of the Connie Sheen fan club, there's a new restaurant in Arlington that will require a pilgrimage. Called Connie's Cafe, it's a home cooking restaurant that Sheen opened in the fall at 1700 W. Park Row Dr., in what used to be the original Chop House Burgers location.

Sheen is a beloved Tarrant County restaurateur who previously owned Mijo's Mexican as well as Mijo's Fusion, the highly rated restaurant on Magnolia Avenue with a menu that mixed Mexican, Asian, and healthy items, including notable vegan and vegetarian dishes.

At the cafe, her signature dish is a real pretty chicken-fried steak covered in cream gravy with mashed potatoes and green beans. There's also chicken-fried chicken, pork chops, burgers, fried catfish, stuffed peppers, beef tips, and liver and onions.

For $8.95, you get them with two sides from an array that includes mashed potatoes, okra, corn, coleslaw, and green beans, along with soup and house-made rolls.

There are sandwiches such as a BLT, turkey club, tuna salad, and a patty melt, and there are seven salads, including a "South Beach salad" with pineapple and a tropical dressing, and a salad with cottage cheese, fruit, and a sliced avocado.

They do an all-you-can-eat catfish on Friday nights, and the pies are made on site, as well. They open at 6:30 am, serving breakfast, lunch, and an early dinner, closing at 8 pm.

"It's a pretty big menu, and we serve breakfast every day until 3 pm," says manager Natali Ellis. They've also incorporated a few of Sheen's greatest hits.

"The menu has dishes that people really wanted, like the Connie Salad, plus fish tacos and chicken enchiladas from Mijo's," Ellis says. "The big thing is the soup of the day. You get a complimentary cup of soup with your meal and it changes every day. Customers love coming in for the soup."