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Cuban sandwiches and pizza will soon fill hunger cavity in Fort Worth's West 7th district

Cuban sandwiches and pizza will soon fill hunger cavity in West 7th

Cork & Pig
New restaurant Cork & Pig, coming to the West 7th district, has Cuban sandwiches on the menu. Photo courtesy of Cork & Pig

Fort Worth chef Felipe Armenta adds another piece to his growing empire with Cork & Pig Tavern, which will take over the space in the West 7th district that was vacated by AF+B, which closed in September 2015.

Cork & Pig comes from San Angelo and is co-owned by Armenta, partnering chef Virginia Dalbeck, and chef John Nestor. The first branch opened in San Angelo in 2010. A second branch opened in 2013 in Odessa, along with a to-go market that opened in 2015.

According to, the hoped-for opening date for Cork & Pig Tavern is spring 2016.

Its menu includes sandwiches, salads, and pizza. The signature appetizer is deviled eggs with bacon. There are tried-and-true items such as calamari, wings, and smoked trout dip. Entrées run from $15 to $26 for a blackened rib eye and include fried chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, and rigatoni Bolognese. There is a $10 cheeseburger and an $11 Cuban sandwich.

Averaging about $14 a pie, the pizzas are baked in an oven that burns at 600 degrees and come in themes such as Southwestern, vegetarian, and barbecue chicken — less upscale than the competing Fireside Pies, a block away.

A brunch menu features blueberry pancakes, an omelet, a Cork & Pig hash, and breakfast pizza with potatoes and a sunny-side egg.

Nestor told that they'll add a new patio in front, but that they won't reinvent the wheel on the interior, which is smart, since original owner Tristan Simon spent oodles of money on the space.

Armenta's portfolio includes The Tavern; the high-end Pacific Table; and Press Cafe, which opened in mid-January.


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