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New indie Fort Worth doughnut and coffee shop fills a gourmet knead

New indie Fort Worth doughnut and coffee shop fills a gourmet knead

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Courtesy of The Cake Shop Bakery

A new gourmet doughnut shop that promises to be a true gourmet doughnut shop is coming to Fort Worth. Cleverly named Kneady Doughnuts, it will open in the space newly vacated by Good Food Co., a Riverside Arts District burger spot that just closed down.

Owners Tara McCartney and Delilah Oudomsouk envision Kneady as a combination doughnut-coffee shop and hope to be open softly by the end of March.

"We're going to do doughnuts with a coffeehouse vibe," McCartney says. "We're thinking about the service industry crowd and other people who want doughnuts but aren't up first thing in the morning, when most doughnut shops are open. We'll try to stay open a couple of hours later, and late nights on Fridays and Saturdays."

A graduate of the Culinary School of Fort Worth, McCartney was working at Good Food when the owners asked her if she wanted to take over the space. It comes with a full kitchen and a dining room that seats about 10-15 people.

Unlike most doughnuts out there which are made from packaged mixes, Kneady's doughnuts — which are spelled out the proper way, so you know they'll be good and not some "donut" garbage — will be made entirely from scratch.

"I make mine from flour and yeast," McCartney says. "I've been perfecting my recipes. We'll have raised doughnuts made with yeast, cake doughnuts made with baking powder, and vegan doughnuts."

She's especially excited about experimenting with flavors that are savory as well as sweet.

"I view doughnuts as very diverse," she says. "You can do so much, they're so versatile, it opens up endless opportunities. I'm not looking at it only as a breakfast food but as a snack or a dessert."

Ideas include a cheddar and jalapeno doughnut, some doughnut sandwiches, and maybe even a barbecue doughnut. "I talked to Billy's Oak Acres about collaborating on a rotating doughnut of the week," she says. "Not just throwing bacon on top of it."

Even their sweet offerings are unique. They'll do mini funnel cakes with different fruit toppings, and one of their signatures will be blueberry doughnut holes with lemon glaze. Blueberry doughnuts are McCartney's favorite.

They also have a patio, with big plans for it once the weather gets nice. "We're going to host pop-up dinners and have reached out to local chefs," she says.