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Glossy travel magazine eyes Fort Worth as one of the top cities to watch

Glossy travel magazine eyes Fort Worth as a top city to watch

Fort Worth Stockyards
Fort Worth's beer, barbecue, and music are gaining fans, but it's still all about the livestock. Photo courtesy of Fort Worth CVB

Perhaps Condé Nast Traveler thought it was giving Fort Worth a major compliment by naming it one of the six cities to watch in 2017, but in reality the compliment comes off as more backhanded than major.

Like Dallas, which recently earned a suspicious nod from a questionable source, Fort Worth seems to have only recently been discovered by the rest of the nation, and especially the East Coast.

The magazine acknowledges that New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles usually dominate media coverage, but the Big Three are expensive and crowded. For their next vacation, the Traveler editors want to seek out places with "cheaper rents, space to create, and local cultural and culinary movements." Well, they're in luck! Fort Worth does indeed have plenty of housing, square footage, culture, and food.

So despite being a major Texas city that most readers, the editors wager, couldn't even name if pressed, we join Baltimore, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Detroit as a "runway city" that people should be just itching to visit this year. 

What's Fort Worth's particular draw? Museums obviously, but only because they rival Houston and Dallas. Music, which thanks to Leon Bridges and Niles City Sound is finally catching up to Austin. Heim Barbecue, the Stock Show and Rodeo, lots of breweries, Melt Ice Creams, and Kent & Co. Wines on Magnolia Street also get a nod. But the real star? The twice-daily longhorn cattle drives, of course.

"Just because Fort Worth is evolving doesn't mean its rodeo roots aren't worth exploring," the article notes. Hey, at least we aren't working against the nickname "Naptown," right, Indianapolis?