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Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Fort Worth Symphony
Miguel Harth-Bedoya and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchesta are playing lots of Beethoven this spring. Photo courtesy of Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra
Jon Nakamatsu
1997 Cliburn gold medalist Jon Nakamatsu returns to Fort Worth to play Beethoven. Photo by Christian Steiner
Joyce Yang
2005 Cliburn silver medalist Joyce Yang will play Beethoven. Photo courtesy of The Cliburn
Violinist Midori plays Beethoven at the FWSO Gala. Photo by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
Rolston String Quartet
Rolston String Quartet plays Beethoven on a Chamber Music Society program. Photo courtesy of The Cliburn
Kenny Broberg, silver medalist at 2017 Van Cliburn Piano Competition
2017 Cliburn silver medalist Kenny Broberg: Also playing Beethoven. Photo courtesy of The Cliburn