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48 Hours covers horrifying murder of American Airlines employee

48 Hours covers horrifying murder of American Airlines employee

Jennifer Jamie Faith
Jennifer Faith and Jamie Faith, before she arranged to have him murdered. Courtesy photo

A horrifying murder that took place one morning on an Oak Cliff street will be the subject of a new episode of 48 Hours. Called "The Plot to Kill Jamie Faith," the show will be broadcast on Saturday, April 9 at 9 pm on the CBS Television Network and streamed on Paramount+.

The show covers the murder of Jamie Faith, an Information Technology Director for American Airlines who was shot in broad daylight on the morning of October 9, 2020, after he and his wife Jennifer set out from their Dallas home on an early morning dog walk.

As a release from CBS notes, after the shocking and brutal murder, the community rallied around Jennifer, raising more than $60,000 in a GoFundMe account to help her and her daughter make up for Jamie's lost income. They also provided meals for the grieving family.

But it didn't take investigators long to discover that Jennifer had been in constant contact with Darrin Lopez, a boyfriend from high school with whom she'd initiated an "emotional affair." Phone records show she texted him 14,000 times.

"Even as she publicly claimed she was 'desperate for answers' regarding her husband's murder, Jennifer Faith was communicating with the alleged killer, actively urging him to destroy evidence and attempting to delete incriminating communications from her phone," said the Acting U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas at the time.

Lopez drove from Tennessee to Dallas on October 9, then allegedly laid in wait until the couple left to walk their dog. Faith was shot seven times, and Lopez fled in a black pickup truck.

The 48 Hours episode talks to experts such as prominent defense attorney Christy Jack, who reviewed the case for the show.

"Three times to the head, three times to the chest and once to the groin. … And then [someone] turns to the wife, takes the time to pull out duct tape and wrap her wrists," Jack says. "As soon as I saw it, I thought, 'That’s a hit.'"

Among the episode's revelations is the fact that Jennifer used the GoFundMe money as a "personal piggy bank" to shower Lopez with cash, airline tickets, and a big-screen TV. She spent $58,000 of the $60,000 that was donated, yet left a funeral bill for $6,500 unpaid.

Claire St. Amant, one of the producers (and a former editor for CultureMap Dallas), reveals that 48 Hours was able to locate a key source who added frightening context.

"Our most exciting reporting angle, I think, is that we tracked down her second husband and he told us she tried to 'do the same thing' to him, by convincing him that her first husband was a sadistic abuser and needed to be killed," St. Amant says. "He hadn't realized it was all a manipulation until he saw her in the news for James Faith's murder."

A sneak preview of the episode is already posted online.

In February 2022, Jennifer Faith pleaded guilty to orchestrating the murder, in order to escape the death penalty.

48 Hours: "The Plot to Kill Jamie Faith" was produced by Paul La Rosa, Dena Goldstein, and Josh Yager. Claire St. Amant and David Dow were development producers. Jordan Kinsey was the field producer. Atticus Brady, Marcus Balsam, Gary Winter, and George Baluzy were the editors. Peter Schweitzer was senior producer. Nancy Kramer was executive story editor, and Judy Tygard the executive producer.