Show Your Texas Pride

5 fun Texas brands that help us express our love for the Lone Star State

5 Texas brands that help us express our love for the Lone Star State

Ain't Texas flag from Texas Humor
Ain't Texas flag from Texas Humor (($28.99). Photo via Texas Humor
Tumbleweed TexStyles armadillo tshirt
The Armadillo — Texas Y'all T-shirt from Tumbleweed TexStyles, available for men and women ($25) as well as toddlers ($24). Photo courtesy of Tumbleweed TexStyles
Texas Dirt Shop keychain
Carry a little Texas in your pocket with a Texas dirt vial keychain from the Texas Dirt Shop. Photo courtesy of Texas Dirt Shop
little buckaroo china
The Little Buckaroo Chuck Set from True West ($89) includes a plate, bowl and cup and comes in its own gift box with the same artwork that is on the plate. Photo courtesy of True West
Ain't Texas flag from Texas Humor
Tumbleweed TexStyles armadillo tshirt
Texas Dirt Shop keychain
little buckaroo china

Sam Houston famously said, “Texas is the finest portion of the globe that has ever blessed my vision.” For those of us like Sam, who are united in our love of bluebonnets, Tex-Mex, and the greatest state in the union, here’s a roundup of brands peddling Texas-themed clothing and home décor that reflects our Lone Star pride.

Texas Dirt Shop
Never leave home without Texas again. At this Etsy shop, you can choose one of five types of Texas dirt (yes, dirt) to go in a keychain vial with an attached silver-colored charm in the shape of, say, the great state itself or a cowboy boot with spur.

Texas Humor
Founded by a fifth-generation Texan, Texas Humor began as a Twitter account in December 2011. Since then, it has grown to an audience of more than 400,000 seeking Texas-themed beer growlers; earrings; car decals; and clothing for babies, kids, and adults. Its “Hecho En Tejas” line and “Tiny Texan” baby and kids clothing are favorites.

Texas Print Shop
If your walls are screaming for some Lone Star art, look to the folks at Texas Print Shop for DIY printable pieces. There’s the classic Davy Crockett quote, “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas,” as well as “Keep Calm Y’all,” and a range of prints of the shape of Texas with colorful phrases in them.

True West
You may not be eating from a chuckwagon, but you can dine on china that calls it to mind. Cowboys and cowgirls will appreciate the classic “Little Buckaroo” line for children, in addition to grown-up dishes. The three-piece set includes a plate, cereal bowl, and cup decorated with vintage art, ropes, and cow brands.

Tumbleweed TexStyles
Brian and Jeb, the two Texas educators who founded this company with a love for Texas music, art, design, and fashion, wanted their company’s name to reflect the enthusiasm folks hold for the Lone Star State. T-shirts range from one that proudly asserts “Heck Yeah Texas” to a whimsical armadillo print to iconic Texas beer. A most excellent one reads “Dallas Socialite.”


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