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Ryan Campbell, Lou Martin, Natalie Campbell
Ryan Campbell, Lou Martin, Natalie Campbell Photo by Jason Kindig
 JCB Co-chairs Anne Paup, Sally Prater
Jewel Charity Ball co-chairs Anne Paup and Sally Prater Photo by Rhi Lee
Carol & James Dunaway, Christy & Jason Smith
Carol Dunaway, James Dunaway, Christy Smith, Jason Smith Photo by Rhi Lee
Michelle Marlow, Scott Marlow
Jewel Charity president-elect Michelle Marlow, Scott Marlow Photo by Rhi Lee
Olivia & Jeff Kearney
Olivia Kearney, Jeff Kearney Photo by Jason Kindig
Orlando Chapa, Todd Reese
Orlando Chapa, Todd Reese  Photo by Jason Kindig
Lisa & Burch Waldron
Burch Waldron, Lisa Waldron Photo by Jason Kindig
Peggy & Bill  Sims, Lou Martin JCB President
Bill Sims, Peggy Sims, and Jewel Charity Ball president Lou Martin Photo by Jason Kindig
Paige & Neil Randel
Paige Randel, Neil Randel Photo by Rhi Lee
Lara & Jim Newman
Lara Newman, Jim Newman Photo by Jason Kindig
Cheryl & Jerry Conatser
Jerry Conatser, Cheryl Conatser Photo by Rhi Lee
Interactive Mirror Lamps
Interactive Mirror Lamps with Bachendorf's jewelry. Photo by Canon Sawyer
Jewel Charity Ball 2020
Jewel Charity Ball took place at Dickies Arena. Photo by Jason Kindig
Jewel Charity Ball 2020, Powerhouse
Powerhouse band entertains. Photo by Jason Kindig
Tamara & Phillip Burch
Tamara Burch, Phillip Burch Photo by Jason Kindig
Kathy Sneed, Dr. Robert Hames
Dr. Robert Hames, Kathy Sneed Photo by Jason Kindig
Teresa & Jim Hubbard
Teresa Hubbard, Jim Hubbard Photo by Jason Kindig
Mimi & Keith Karnes
Mimi Karnes, Keith Karnes Photo by Jason Kindig
Oleta Thompson
Oleta Thompson Photo by Jason Kindig
Kim Walker, Shary Harmon
Kim Walker, Shary Harmon Photo by Rhi Lee
Dr. Evelyn & Rick Merrill
Rick Merrill, Dr. Evelyn Merrill Photo by Rhi Lee