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Neighborhood pub just like Mom's will open in Fort Worth's West Seventh

Neighborhood pub just like Mom's to open in Fort Worth West Seventh

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There will be beer. Photo courtesy of Plano Magazine

Fort Worth's West Seventh District will soon be home to a new neighborhood bar. Called Your Mom's House, it's a fun and casual new concept from the team that owns popular Fort Worth watering holes such as Whiskey Garden and Reservoir Patio & Bar.

It'll go into the space at 3005 Bledsoe St., AKA the former space vacated by Coyote Ugly, which closed in January.

Owner Tino DeFranco says that the bar will be a neighborhood pub, and that they're hoping to open by July.

"The name itself says what it is, like your mom's," he says. "None of the glassware is going to be matched — it's mismatched glassware, like we had when I grew up. And the furniture will be like what your old grandma had, wrapped in plastic. We're playing everything down."

The food will continue the homey, informal theme.

"I got a pretty popular chef, David Hollister, to do the menu, and we'll make sandwiches," he says. "It'll just be a small menu with 3-4 sandwiches that come with a bag of chips, served in a paper bag like you're taking it to lunch."

And craft cocktails, that's a no. "We'll just do regular liquor, beer, and wine, along the lines of what we serve at our other bars," he says.

They've started renovations already, although it's mostly superficial stuff, since they inherited a nicely-appointed buildout executed three years ago by Coyote Ugly.

DeFranco, who is also president of the West 7th Restaurant & Bar Association, says they liked the idea of opening another bar, but it's also about keeping the district thriving.

"As business owners, we want to make sure the area is going to keep growing," he says. "Bledsoe is part of the core area of West Seventh, and we believe that the more you put in the same spot, the more it helps everyone."