Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth presents FOCUS: Stanley Whitney

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth presents FOCUS: Stanley Whitney
SunRa by Stanley Whitney Photo courtesy of the Artist

Stanley Whitney investigates the intricate possibilities of color and form in the realm of abstract painting. Since the mid-1970s, Whitney has been known for his multicolored, irregular grids on square canvases. Taking the essentialist grid of minimalism as his cue, his configurations are loose, uneven geometric lattices comprised of vibrant stacked color blocks that vary in hue, shape, and the handling of the paint. Whitney also utilizes color as subject, and his paintings often refer to literature, music, places, and other artists, connections that are bolstered in his titles.

Working without preparatory materials, Whitney combines balance and intuition in his approach to painting, as each color block is painted sequentially in relation to the ongoing arrangement. This process is expressive, improvisational, and can be linked to jazz, which continually inspires the artist.

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3.23.17 | 10:00 am
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3200 Darnell St.
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