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Lyft shuttles TCU students to these 15 hottest destinations in DFW

Lyft shuttles TCU students to these 15 hottest destinations in DFW

lyft riders in car
No one really has to drive anymore. Courtesy photo

When TCU students go out on the town, they ride responsibly — and smartly avoid parking woes in some of the trickiest areas of Fort Worth, too.

Lyft ride-share company has released the top 15 destinations from TCU during the 2017-18 academic year, and about half are bars and restaurants in and around the hot West 7th development. They include Texas Republic, America Gardens, The Yard (formerly Capital Bar), Varsity Tavern, Landmark Bar and Kitchen, Mash'd, Ampersand, and Chimy's.

The popular area is just a few miles from the TCU campus, but it's been plagued with traffic and parking problems for years. Towed cars, expensive parking tickets, and a recent change to one-way streets are all reasons to let someone else do the driving there and back.

Lyft says in a release that college students all over the country are using alternative transportation options more than ever; at top universities in large cities, less than 7 percent of students had vehicles on campus, it says.

The No. 1 Lyft destination for TCU students was an airport, but surprisingly, it was Love Field in Dallas and not the closer DFW Airport. And even more surprising, the airport result was flip-flopped for SMU students. Love Field — which is just down the street from the Dallas university — came in second to the farther DFW Airport.

SMU students also appear to be using Lyft to get to grocery stores, arenas, and major shopping destinations more frequently than TCU students. 

“Between navigating school, work, and extra-curriculars, the last thing that any student should worry about is finding a ride they can rely on,” says Yohan Bobcombe, Lyft Dallas-Fort Worth market manager, in a release.

As a back-to-school promotion, Lyft is offering new users who use the code BACK2SCHOOL18 a chance to earn $5 off per ride up to 5 rides anywhere off campus or one of the top destinations from SMU or TCU. Here is the complete list of hottest destinations for both schools:

Top destinations for Texas Christian University students:

1. Dallas Love Field Airport
2. DFW Airport
3. Texas Republic
4. America Gardens
5. Ampersand
6. R Taco
7. The Yard
8. Omni Hotel FW
9. The Grandmarc
10. Varsity Tavern
11. Brown Lupton University Union
12. Woodshed Smokehouse
13. Landmark Bar & Kitchen
14. Chimy's
15. Mash'd

Top destinations for Southern Methodist University students:

1. DFW Airport
2. Dallas Love Field Airport
3. NorthPark Center
4. OT Tavern
5. Mockingbird Station
6. Central Market
7. Starbucks
8. Katy Trail Ice House
9. HG Supply
10. Truck Yard
11. Bottled Blonde
12. American Airlines Center
13. The Rustic
14. Chelsea Corner
15. Bar Stellar