Photo courtesy of The Warren Center
The Warren Center

The Warren Center advocates, serves, and empowers the children and families impacted by developmental delays and disabilities. Fifty years ago, very few resources existed for parents of disabled children in Dallas County. With nowhere to turn for community-based services or help, families lacked support and their children had limited options in life.

The Warren Center was created in 1968 and for decades has provided much-needed resources and care to children with disabilities and their families. Grassroots efforts and proven successes paved the way for an increase in community and parental awareness. As the organization experienced growth, it began adapting the programs to meet the changing needs of families.

Over the years, The Warren Center has given parents access to the resources their children needed, and more importantly, hope and support.

Volunteer opportunities at the Warren Center range from helping to keep the facilities in shape to volunteering at events to helping create thank-you artwork: framed finger paintings created by children at the Warren Center.

The Warren Center's annual Art of Music Gala is a unique experience that takes each year’s theme and creates a magical time for all attending. Renowned musicians compose original scores and then pass them to artists who use it as inspiration to create one-of-a-kind works of art. The result is a black-tie optional night of celebration and performance, as each original composition and its inspired work of art is performed and unveiled for the first time.