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Amphibian Stage Productions grows the new and now for its 2020 season

Amphibian Stage Productions grows the new and now for its 2020 season

Marie Antoinette at Soho Rep
Soho Rep's 2013 production of Marie Antoinette. Photo by Pavel Antonov

It's all about the world premieres in Amphibian Stage Productions' 21st season. There are three supported by one regional premiere, and rounded out by the theater company's popular Comedy Residencies, Metamorphosis series, and screenings of National Theatre Live productions.

First up is a full production of Hans & Sophie, which had a very short, experimental run last season. The intimate, two-character portrait of resistance and conviction in the darkest of times is by Sean Hudock, Illana Stein, and Deborah Yarchun, and it immerses audiences in siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl's metamorphosis from loyal Hitler Youth into one of the Nazi regime's most feared oppositions. A printing press, spray paint, and quick wit were all that they needed to build an underground resistance movement. The play draws on inspiration from letters, diaries, and coded correspondences in the book At The Heart of the White Rose, and is part of a worldwide commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. It runs February 7-March 1, 2020.

Next is Egress by Melissa Crespo and Sarah Saltwick, a psychological thriller that follows an architecture professor who's trying to teach their students to care about safe passage through spaces. They write about doors and windows, and about transparent open spaces versus closed systems with no entrances or exits. Then the professor then can't sleep soundly because they know something big and cold and damp just walked in like it owned the place. It runs May 1-24, 2020.

Guggenheim Fellow David Adjmi's Marie Antoinette is a modern and hilarious retelling of one of history's most decadent queens. Spun sugar wigs and a candy-coated sheen can't cloak the corruption bubbling below in this surreal dark comedy. Extravagance, artifice, and one neurotically affectionate sheep accompany the queen as the chants of "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité!" grow too loud to ignore. It runs July 10-August 2, 2020.

Amphibian artistic director Kathleen Culebro and Jay Duffer have adapted Juan Ruiz de Alarcón’s La Verdad Sospechosa's The Amazing, Fabulous and Spectacular Untruths of Don Juan Garcia, a historical romp into the man, the myth, the legend. Young Don García has always gotten what he wants just by twisting the truth. But now that he's home from the university, his father is determined to break him of this dishonorable habit. Inevitably, his lies build upon themselves, growing in complexity, and soon everyone is drawn into his tall tales and no one seems to know what's really happening. It runs October 23-November 15, 2020.

The first show in the Metamorphosis New Play Series is The Secret Sharer, devised from the novella by Joseph Conrad by Daniel Banks, Kwesi Johnson, Adam McKinney, Ken Norris, and Giovanni Ortega, which runs March 14-15, 2020. Joseph Conrad's classic seafaring tale of a young captain encountering a mysterious — and possibly dangerous — stranger swimming alongside his boat will be developed into a new production by DNA Works theater company.

The second is Gizhibaa Giizhig | Revolving Sky by the All My Relations Collective. Interdisciplinary artist Ty Defoe and the All My Relations Collective merge augmented reality installation, performance, and story circles to explore the intersections of science and sacred knowledge. Utilizing Anishinaabe star maps, astrophysics, and personal narrative, the show creates a lens to view indigiqueerness and the current climate crisis. It runs August 29-30, 2020.

The stand-up comedy residencies include Chris Laker (Januart 8-11, 2020), Steven Castillo (March 17-21, 2020), and Mo Welch (June 4-6, 2020).

Matthew Warchus directs Andrew Scott in Noël Coward's provocative comedy Present Laughter for the start of the National Theatre Live screenings. As he prepares to embark on an overseas tour, star actor Garry Essendine's colorful life is in danger of spiraling out of control. Engulfed by an escalating identity crisis as his many and various relationships compete for his attention, Garry's few remaining days at home are a chaotic whirlwind of love, sex, panic, and soul-searching. Catch it January 29 and February 1, 2020.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is next with her one-woman show Fleabag, on which the massively popular TV series is based. Catch it January 29 and February 1, 2020.

Hansard by Simon Woods is next, a two-handed play performed by theater legends Alex Jennings and Lindsay Duncan. Set against the political landscape of 1980s Thatcher Britain, what starts out as personal digs between a married couple after work on a Friday night crashes into political judgments that brings secrets from the past spilling out of the closet. It screen March 18 and 21, 2020.

Arthur Miller's blistering drama All My Sons, starring Academy Award-winner Sally Field and Bill Pullman, comes to the big screen. Despite hard choices and even harder knocks, Joe and Kate Keller are a success story in 1947 America. They have built a home, raised two sons, and established a thriving business. But nothing lasts forever and their contented lives, already shadowed by the loss of their eldest boy to war, are about to shatter. With the return of a figure from the past, long-buried truths are forced to the surface and the price of their American dream is laid bare. Watch it April 8 and 11, 2020.

Dame Helen Mirren guides #AnneFrank Parallel Stories, a powerful retelling of the young girl's life through the pages of her extraordinary diary. As a dedication to what would have been her 90th anniversary — and in cooperation with the Anne Frank Foundation — the documentary takes audiences into Anne's room within the secret annex of her family's hiding place before being deported, and through read excerpts of her diary intertwined with the experiences of the survivors who lived to tell their own parallel stories. It screens only once, on April 22, 2020.

Subscriptions and memberships are available online at or by calling 817-923-3012. All levels come with special perks, including Amphibian's famous giant chocolate chip cookies (Amphibian's secret recipe baked by Stir Crazy Baked Goods).