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CBD cannabis oil company plants new shop in far north Fort Worth

CBD cannabis oil company plants new shop in far north Fort Worth

Purely CBD
Purely CBD has big plans for statewide expansion. Photo courtesy of Purely CBD

The CBD cannabis oil trend continues to take root in Fort Worth with the opening of a new shop on the far northeast side. Purely CBD is now welcoming customers at 5601 Basswood Blvd. #193, in a strip shopping center near the intersection of Hwy. 377.

Purely CBD carries several forms of what many are calling a wonder drug — cannabidiol (CBD), a derivative of the cannabis plant — which has taken the health and wellness world by storm lately. 

“We produce CBD oils,” says Purely CBD co-owner Mathew Baggett. “We have water-soluble CBD. We’ve got candy. We’ve got vapes for you to smoke. We’ve got pain cream.

"There are four different ways you can administer CBD," he explains, "topically, through your digestive tract, through your lungs, and sublingually under your tongue and into your bloodstream.”

For those who are still unclear what CBD — or cannabinoid — is, it's a naturally occurring oil in hemp. Hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, but, whereas hemp is high in CBD, which has anti-inflammatory properties, marijuana is higher in tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which elicits feelings of euphoria. The biggest difference, of course, is that CBD is legal.

“When you extract the THC, there are no effects that are characteristic of cannabis,” Baggett says. “This is why CBD has been legalized in all 50 states.”

In June, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved CBD as a treatment for two forms of epilepsy — making it the first marijuana-derived product to be approved at the federal level.

Baggett echoes proponents of the oil when he says CBD can remedy, or at least reduce the effects of, everything from arthritis to inflammation to anxiety and depression. In fact, he’s his own best customer, having used the oil with positive results.

“I’ve got borderline ADD,” he says. “It’s very easy for me to get caught up in thinking about 20 or 30 things at once and hard for me to concentrate on just one of those. After taking CBD, I can actually sit down and focus on one project, complete it, and then move to the second without the handful of distractions pulling me away.”

CBD has helped relieve Baggett’s physical pain, as well.

“Fairly often, the muscles in my lower back will get inflamed because I have a broken L4. I’ve got a chunk busted off. I use the topicals as well as the water soluble, and they do an amazing job of calming my lower back down to a very manageable state,” he says.

For Baggett and his business partners, the formation of Purely CBD has been a rapid process. They bought a 60-acre cannabis farm in California in January of this year, and things snowballed from there.

“As we got into that, we naturally started becoming more knowledgeable about CBD, making connections to other farmers and other manufacturers,” he says. “Around June or July when they legalized CBD, having that prior knowledge and those connections, it was natural for us to develop a brand and jump right in.”

And jump right in they did, opening stores in Arlington, Mansfield, and now far northeast Fort Worth. Within the next couple of months, Baggett says, he and his company will open another 12 locations in and around DFW, Austin, and Houston.

Purely CBD is the latest in a recent spate of CBD shops to crop up around the city recently, but it's the first one in the area, which borders Watauga and is a stone's throw from Keller and Haltom City. He says he and his team have the expertise to serve the community well.

“Having a more intimate, in-depth knowledge about the cannabis industry from our California investment, we understand how much more effective this product is when it’s grown and manufactured properly, as opposed to mass-produced,” he says. “Most of our products are Purely CBD products. That’s our in-house brand. No other CBD stores that I’m aware of in Dallas/Fort Worth carry their own brand.”

Baggett invites people into the shop to learn more about CBD, even if they don’t purchase anything. Hours are 10 am-7 pm Monday-Saturday and 12 pm-4 pm Sunday.

“The main thing I want my customers to be is educated,” he says. “If you buy, if you don’t buy, we won’t feel any kind of way, but I want everybody to leave here with a solid foundation of what CBD is and what it’s not.

"Most importantly, if they decide to buy from another retailer or online, [I want them to know] how to navigate the products so they don’t get scammed or hosed by hemp seed, which contains no CBD, or another product that doesn’t live up to their expectations.”