On set in Cowtown

Fort Worth's favorite new sport is following the stars of Yellowstone spinoff 1883

Fort Worth's fave new sport is following stars of Yellowstone's 1883

Sam Elliott, 1883, Granbury
Actor Sam Elliott on the set of 1883 in Granbury. Photo courtesy of Austin Miller Imagery
1883 filming, Granbury
Filming outside of Farina's Winery in Granbury Photo courtesy of Austin Miller Imagery
Tim McGraw, 1883 filming
Tim McGraw on set. Facebook/Hank FM
Sam Elliott, 1883, Granbury
1883 filming, Granbury
Tim McGraw, 1883 filming

Ever since filming for the Yellowstone spinoff 1883 began in the Fort Worth area in late August, local fans have engaged in a modern-day game of shoot-'em-up: shoot photos of celebrity sightings and post 'em up to social media.

Catching members of the A-list cast — which includes Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Billy Bob Thornton  — at local hot spots like Central Market, Joe T. Garcia's, and various haunts in the Fort Worth Stockyards has been a fun pursuit (with nary an arrest for stalking).

Filming started before Labor Day on the historic Granbury town square, where local photographer Austin Miller snapped some quick pics (used above, with his permission). His 35-photo Facebook post resulted in more than 15,000 shares and 10,000 reactions and comments. He says no one hired him to shoot the scene; it was merely a happy accident that he got Elliott smiling and waving for his camera.

"I just went to the Square during my lunch break to see if I could get photos of the set and any actors/extras," Miller says.

When filming moved to the Fort Worth Stockyards, roads were blocked off and local business owners had to sign, essentially, a non-disclosure agreement, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. But curious fans still snuck peeks of cast members walking to lunch and hanging out near set. They were not hard to spot, in their old-time Western costumes.

Posts showed up in places like the public Facebook forum "Y:1883 of Yellowstone," which is 18,000 members strong.

Filming has now moved on to a private ranch in Weatherford (reportedly the ranch owned by show creator Taylor Sheridan). And, while the selfie snaps at grocery stores, bars, and restaurants may end, fans will only have to wait until December to see 1883. The release date is set for December 19, 2021 on streaming platform Paramount+.

Below are some of the fun posts that have shown up on Fort Worth-area social media pages.