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Where to drink in Fort Worth right now: 5 best bars to rosé all day

Where to drink in Fort Worth right now: 5 best bars to rosé all day

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It's definitely not too late for rosé. Sip Wine Bar

You might think of rosé as a summer drink, but Texas in September is still basically summer, so you're well within the acceptable rosé timeframe. Plus, no white pants means no rosé stains.

Though you could always just grab a bottle and post up with some pals at home, it's more fun to drink in a social setting. Head to these Fort Worth spots to quench your rosé cravings.

Max's Wine Dive
It's not a surprising choice, but this fried chicken-and-vino emporium is a solid place to hit up when you're looking to try a new vintage. That's because the servers will open up any bottle — truly, any bottle — as long as you commit to drinking two or more glasses from it. Perhaps that means it's time to try the Billiot Rosé, which champagne guru and Wine & Spirits writer Peter Liem calls "one of my favorite rosés in all of Champagne."

Kent & Co
This wine bar on West Magnolia has, at any given time, 300 bottles or more on hand. It also makes excellent use of its "cork dorks" (sommeliers), so you end up with exactly what you're craving, whether that's a rosé made from fruity Grenache or savory Tavel. Nothing's worse than a mouthful of zinfandel when you were expecting tempranillo, am I right?

The 19-plus wines on tap at this boutique wine shop and bar on the south side change frequently, but that's because owner Lindsey Crawford likes to focus on small-lot wines. She also gives love to Texas wines, and you can return the sentiment by ordering some in either a growler or a party keg. Yes, a keg of wine. Too much, or not enough?

Grand Cru Wine Bar & Boutique
There might only be a few by-the-glass rosé options at this charming Magnolia Avenue spot, but the dozen bottles of rosé more than make up for it — especially because none is priced higher than $30. Keep in mind, however, that Grand Cru is closed on Mondays, even if that's the day you might need a glass or four the most.

Sip Wine Bar
Winslow's Wine Cafe is a Fort Worth staple, but for those looking to try something new, there's now an option right next door. During the morning, The Cup brews up Americanos and espressos, but once evening hits, it becomes Sip, a relaxed wine bar with more than 40 bottles. Specials pop up based on owner Nancy Williams' whims, so happy hour might be extended, or it could suddenly be buy-one-get-one-free for all in-house bottles. Best to stop by often and check, just in case.