Photo by Shawn Horn Photography
Shaken Baby Alliance

The Shaken Baby Alliance's (SBA) mission is to provide support for victim families and professionals, to prevent child abuse, and to provide justice for the innocent victims of child abuse. SBA was founded in Fort Worth by three mothers whose children were victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome and could find no resources or support. In 1998, SBA obtained its 501 (c) 3 status.

The three programs address the needs of those affected by child physical abuse and abusive head trauma. They include: victim family services, professional support (training and case consultations), and prevention education (SBS and SIDS risk reduction with high school students, childcare providers, and community).

Since 1998, SBA has helped over 4,800 family members, trained over 16,700 professionals, educated over 5,800 students, and provided 1,800 case consultations for investigative and legal professionals in child physical abuse cases.  

Interested volunteers can all 817-882-8686 or email info@shakenbaby.org, and donate through the website.

SBA hosts a clay shoot for kids in September at the Alpine Shooting Range in Fort Worth.