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Fort Worth seeks Texas artists for big Sundance Square mural project

Fort Worth seeks Texas artists for big Sundance Square mural project

Fort Worth mural
A Fort Worth-themed mural in Fort Worth. Photo courtesy of The Union at River East

Fort Worth has put out a call for Texas artists to contribute to a series of murals downtown.

According to a release, Sundance Square and Artspace 111, a Fort Worth gallery, are looking for 12 artists or artist teams to help create a mural that will cover two warehouses, covering three blocks in Sundance Square.

The initiative is called "The Temporal Integral Mural Exhibition" — abbreviated, it spells out T.I.M.E. — and would require that the artists design murals that will connect into one, giant piece of art.

Artists will have one month to complete their mural and will receive $2,000. Each artist would be assigned a mural section, each varying slightly in size.

However, the T.I.M.E. project will be constantly evolving. The works will be visible for at least six months, but murals could be partially or completely painted over at some point in the future. Nothing lasts forever, not even art.

Ed Bass, Chairman of Sundance Square, recalls in a statement Sundance Square's longtime commitment to the arts, saying that "45 years ago, Sundance Square was conceived as a heart transplant to bring life back to downtown Fort Worth, a project infused with great respect and love for architecture, art, music and entrepreneurship."

Sundance Square CEO Sasha Bass says that the mural represents an opportunity for Texas artists to collaborate.

"This project is a continuation of our commitment to make downtown a welcoming and vibrant place for families, for artists, for musicians, for ideas and for beauty," she says. "I am most excited about this mural collaboration because it will grant Texas artists the freedom to create something together. It will be beautiful; it will be relevant. In Sundance Square there is something for everyone."                        

The call for artists is an ongoing project; artists can apply at any time. But the deadline to be considered for the first six murals is Friday, October 15.

Painting on the first round will begin November 15 and will end on March 1.

A second-round deadline will be announced in the future, but artists can apply any time.

And here's a perk: Artists selected who need to travel more than 30 miles get free lodging in Fort Worth for up to one month, provided by Sundance Square.

To apply, go to: