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Fort Worth institutes city-wide curfew to stave off violent protests

Fort Worth institutes city-wide curfew to stave off violent protests

Fort Worth protests
Standoff between Fort Worth police officers and protestors. Photo courtesy of NBC/Youtube

The city of Fort Worth has followed the lead set by Dallas and a number of other cities around the U.S. and is initiating a nighttime curfew beginning June 1.

According to a release from Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price, a local state of disaster has been declared establishing a nighttime curfew for "the entirety of the city of Fort Worth," including all public places and streets, from 8 pm on Monday June 1 until 6 am.

The curfew is for 72 hours, IE the next three nights (June 1-4), unless renewed by the Fort Worth City Council.

A spokesperson for the Mayor's office confirmed that businesses, including restaurants, will have to shut down. Trinity Metro will also cease operations between 8 pm-6 am for the next three nights/mornings.

It follows a weekend of protests in downtown Fort Worth, one of which ended in a standoff on the West 7th bridge between protestors and police officers that resulted in an exchange of fireworks and tear gas before it was finally dispersed.

Fort Worth is one of many cities where rallies have taken place to protest the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who died on May 25 in Minneapolis following an encounter with police officers.

During the curfew, all persons must not travel on any public street or in any public place. Exceptions include those traveling to and from work or school or seeking medical attention.

Unlike the curfew enacted in Dallas, which targets only the central neighborhoods, Fort Worth's is for the entire city.

In addition, Gov. Greg Abbott has declared a state of emergency for the entire state of Texas, activating the National Guard. Between 120 and 150 National Guard officers in Grand Prairie are available if needed.

Curfews have been enacted in more than 40 cities including San Antonio, Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, and Nashville. Major highways across Minnesota are also closed.