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Fort Worth excels as one of America's most dynamic cities right now

Fort Worth excels as one of America's most dynamic cities right now

Fort Worth skyline
Fort Worth shines on this list, thanks to its population growth, new jobs, and more residents with a higher education. Photo by leekris/Getty Images

In a world that's constantly evolving, Fort Worth is leading the charge, according to a new study.

Ever-changing Fort Worth is one of the 10 most dynamic cities in America, real estate news site Point2 Homes declares. The study looked at 150 U.S. cities, analyzing each across four major categories: human capital, education and culture, economic activity, and housing. Determining the most dynamic came down to which "cities are consistently innovating and developing" and how they "stand out among others."

Fort Worth comes in at No. 7 overall. Its most notable statistic, says the report, is a 17 percent spike in the number of new companies (No. 5 among cities studied). Cowtown also tops the charts for population growth (No. 10), increase in jobs (No. 13), decrease in poverty (No. 16), and home price appreciation (No. 22). 

The study further breaks down the overall list of cities by size, granting Fort Worth the title of No. 4 most dynamic large city in the country.

Head east, and you'll find another dynamic city: Grand Prairie, No. 5 overall. Grand Prairie boasts one of the nation's biggest increases in new residents from outside the city (No. 2), as well as top rankings for number of companies (No. 8), gross domestic product growth (No. 18), and home price appreciation (No. 11).

It also earns the distinction of being America's most dynamic small city and particularly stands out for its "poverty-reducing efforts," the study says. The number of people living below the poverty line decreased 34 percent between 2013 and 2017, representing the 13th biggest drop in the U.S.

Locally, there's a trend. More people and companies are moving to Dallas, too, the 10th most dynamic large city and 24th overall, and GDP there is also on the rise.

DFW isn't the only region in Texas that shines in the study. Austin is the sixth most dynamic large city and 11th overall. The Capital City is attracting new residents and companies and also boasts increasing GDP.

These Texas leaders are in good company. The most dynamic city in America is San Francisco. Seattle; Denver; and Aurora, Colorado, round out the rest of the top five.