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Fort Worth Star-Telegram journalists decide to form employee union

Fort Worth Star-Telegram journalists decide to form employee union

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Newspapers forming unions is a trend right now. Photo by Jon S

Employees at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram are planning to form a union, as part of News Guild, the largest union of journalists and communications professionals in the U.S and Canada.

This makes the Star-Telegram the second newspaper to unionize in Texas, following the Dallas Morning News.

"Star-Telegram journalists are dedicated to Fort Worth and deserve a voice in the decisions that impact our newsroom," said FWST reporter Luke Ranker in a release. "The NewsGuild will help us advocate for ourselves and our community, and ensure a strong legacy into the future."

According to the release, a union would advocate for pay raises, adequate protections against layoffs, parental leave and other benefits.

"The past two decades have been difficult," the release says, citing "multiple rounds of layoffs and buyouts" that diminished their ability to fully cover Fort Worth.

The release includes a list of 23 employees such as Silas Allen and Gordon Dickson.

The Dallas Morning News voted 84-28 in favor of unionizing on October 16.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram union organizers have asked McClatchy Company, their parent company, to voluntarily recognize the Fort Worth NewsGuild. Recognizing the union voluntarily allows contract negotiations to begin.

McClatchy already has a number of unionized publications including the Miami Herald, Sacramento Bee, and the Idaho Statesman.

McClatchy was recently acquired by Chatham Asset Management, a hedge fund in New Jersey, six months after McClatchy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.