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Joe Biden moves ahead of Trump with more votes in Tarrant County

Joe Biden moves ahead of Trump with more votes in Tarrant County

Joe Biden Whataburger
Joe Biden at a Whataburger in Dallas in March 2020. Photo courtesy of Jonas Park

UPDATE 11-7-2020: The Democratic ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won Tarrant County by 1,375 votes, with 409,067 versus Trump/Pence, who got 407,702 votes.


Vote-counting in Tarrant County is still going on but as of November 5, the blue team's ahead: With the latest batch of votes counted, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden is now beating President Donald Trump by 427 votes, with Biden at 403,698 votes versus Trump's 403,271 votes.

Trump has already won the state of Texas, earning 52.2 percent of the vote versus Biden's 46.4 percent, therefore the votes in Tarrant County would not have an effect on that outcome. But it could give Tarrant County bragging rights for being on the side of the winner.

In the U.S., as of November 7, Biden is currently at 50.6 percent of the popular vote with 74,815,988 votes. Trump is at 47.7 percent with 70,555,919 votes.

Biden has 264 electoral votes; Trump has 214.

According to Tarrant County Elections, more than 15,000 absentee ballots are still being processed, estimated to be completed by the end of the day on Friday, November 6.

So it could still change. However, Texas Tribune has already colored Tarrant County "blue" on its Texas voting map.

The county says it plans to have all ballots counted by the end of the day Friday. Over 15,000 absentee ballots are pending processing.

Trump's 403,271 total votes break down as follows:

  • 20,832 absentee ballots
  • 331,053 early in-person
  • 51,386 on Election Day

Biden: 403,698 total votes break down as follows:

  • 34,181 absentee ballots
  • 323,384 early in-person
  • 46,133 on Election Day

Nationally, there are five states still counting votes: North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Biden just moved ahead on two big states: Georgia and Pennsylvania, and is expected to win Nevada and Arizona.