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Amid Fort Worth spike, Mayor Betsy Price tests positive for COVID-19

Amid Fort Worth spike, Mayor Betsy Price tests positive for COVID-19

Betsy Price mask
Good to see she's wearing a mask. Courtesy photo

Fort Worth is seeing an alarming increase in the number of positive COVID-19 cases — and now that includes its mayor.

According to a November 18 statement from the mayor's office, Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price has tested positive for COVID-19.

Her husband, Tom, has also tested positive via a diagnosis earlier in the week.

A tweet from the mayor's Twitter account said that she and her husband "are in good spirits, quarantining and exhibiting mild symptoms at this time."

"Unfortunately, like so many of our loved ones, friends, and neighbors, my husband and I have tested positive for COVID-19," Mayor Price said in a statement. "While we are fortunate to be exhibiting mild symptoms, we are closely monitoring our health and consulting with our physicians."

Price had a scare back in April when she came into contact with a coworker who had tested positive. Price self-quarantined and subsequently tested negative.

COVID-19 cases have been rising dramatically in Fort Worth, as well as Texas and across the country, prompting warnings from lawmakers and health officials to double back down on anti-virus practices, particularly with the looming Thanksgiving holiday. Small gatherings are considered to be among the most problematic in terms of spreading the virus.

Tarrant County's number of cases has been breaking records nearly daily, including a record 2,112 new COVID-19 cases on November 18.

"As we head into the holiday season, we continue to ask everyone to remain vigilant and prioritize the health and safety of our community by wearing a mask and social distancing," Price said. "We appreciate everyone’s prayers for a speedy recovery."


Stephanie Allmon Merry contributed to this story.