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DFW Record Show in Hurst promises retro music fans aisles of vinyl

DFW Record Show in Hurst promises retro music fans aisles of vinyl

DFW Record Show, records, vinyl
Vinyl is so cool. Photo courtesy of DFW Record Show

In this day and age of streaming music, where you can instantly play virtually any song you want through such services as Spotify and Apple Music, good old vinyl has made an unlikely comeback. This explains the demand for an event like the DFW Record Show.

Taking place January 19 at the Hurst Conference Center, this retro musical celebration lets fans shop for records, CDs, cassette and 8-track tapes, vintage music memorabilia, and related merchandise from a variety of vendors. They can also drink beer and soda, eat lunch, and listen to music.

For Brad Milyo, technical services coordinator for the Hurst Conference Center, there’s just something special and satisfying about the physical act of playing a record, compared to the ease and convenience of streaming.

“It’s easy to plug your phone in and stream, but I like being involved in the music,” he says. “You have to search through your stack of discs and make the choice to pick this one and take it out of the sleeve and place it on the turntable and drop the needle on it. I also like the way it sounds.”

Nostalgia plays a role, as well.

“There’s definitely sentimentality involved,” Milyo says. “When I was a kid, I loved to play records. I loved watching the thing turn.”

Milyo, along with the center’s general manager Chris Connolly, started the DFW Record Show back in August of 2016 and followed with another in January of the next year. Saturday will make show number six.

“August is a slower time of year at the convention center, as is January,” Milyo says. “We thought, let’s kill two birds with one stone. Let’s create an event that will fill a hole in slow times of the year, and we can hang out with records all day. We kid about it, but we say we started this because we’re selfish and we love records, and we wanted records to come to us. We also wanted the Dallas area to have a record show.”

Hurst might seem an unlikely place for a vinyl extravaganza, but it allows the city to showcase its charms for folks all around Dallas-Fort Worth — and beyond.

“We’re proud of the city and the building (Hurst Convention Center),” Milyo says. “Out-of-state visitors will come in and love our building.”


The DFW Record Show takes place 9 am-4 pm January 19 at the Hurst Conference Center. Early-bird tickets purchased before 10 am are $10. Tickets bought for entrance at 10 am and after are $5.