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DFW fashion designer's military service inspires new mission to give back

DFW fashion designer's military service inspires new mission

Haute Société
"Desert Storm" jumpsuit, $489 Photo by Kauwuane Burton
Haute Société
The "Yellow Falcon" jumpsuit, $620, is made from soft crushed velvet. Photo by Kauwuane Burton
Haute Société
The "Rolling Thunder" jumpsuit is made from rich vegan leather and comes with a bold accent belt, $749. Photo by Kauwuane Burton
Haute Société
Haute Société
Haute Société

Fashion designer London Burton dug deep into personal experiences for her new collection — and her company's new mission. The just-launched "In the Trenches" line by Dallas-based Haute Société was inspired by vintage military style, military dress, and Burton's own military service. 

Burton served in the United States Army from 1998 to 2004, including a tour of duty in South Korea. She also is the daughter of a disabled Army veteran. Service to others is a way of life in her family.

So, with the launch of the new collection comes a new way for Burton to serve those in need. “In The Trenches” Outreach Organization began in conjunction with the new line, with Burton at the helm.

“I chose to title this collection 'In The Trenches' as it’s a military term that originates all the way from World War I," she explains in a release. "Troops dug trenches for protection until they charged to the other side. Being ‘in the trenches’ means to be involved and on the ground in something that is rigorous and difficult.”

To that end, a full 100 percent of net profits from the "In The Trenches" collection will be donated to three local charities.

Burton originally thought she would give to two charities but then expanded her outreach to three:

  • Veteran Women's Enterprise Center (VWEC), a new nonprofit that helps veteran women business owners secure resources and funding to succeed.
  • Power to Give Foundation, which develops targeted programs that increase a commitment to athletic and academic excellence for youth in underserved communities.
  • The Source of Hope, which empowers low-income cosmetology students by providing assistance through educational programs, grants, and scholarships, and offers free or reduced cosmetic services in the community.

“In The Trenches will seek to meet people and existing organizations/foundations where they are and help them with whatever is needed," Burton says. "We will provide extra hands, time, and resources."

Haute Société officially launched this, its third collection, to the public through a Facebook Live virtual show on October 28. It is a seven-piece line of specialty jumpsuits, one two-piece suit (pieces could be sold separately), a blouse and high-waisted skirt combo, a trench fur coat, as well as three custom purses/clutches.

Pieces are made with high-quality materials to exacting standards. For instance, the "Rolling Thunder" jumpsuit ($749) is made of made from rich vegan leather, and the "Yellow Falcon" jumpsuit ($620) is made from soft crushed velvet.

The collection ranges from sizes small through large with prices ranging from $300 to $1,200. Custom sizing and alterations are offered exclusively for local customers. 

Burton launched Haute Société in November 2017, and since then, it has become known for its unique offerings of specialized jumpsuits and suiting for modern, sophisticated women who are slim, curvy, or somewhere in between.

Burton is the wife and creative director to highly acclaimed fashion photographer Kauwauane Burton.

"On a trip to refresh her wardrobe, she realized that the professional woman has a choice to make: her comfort, or her sensuality," a release says. "Not one to sacrifice both, London combined her admiration for the art of fashion, jumpsuits, and elegant suiting to create her own fashion label."