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Fort Worth-based American Airlines tests out new employee uniforms

Fort Worth-based American Airlines tests out new employee uniforms

American Airlines uniforms
American Airlines is unspooling new uniforms. Courtesy photo

After a year in the works, Fort Worth-based American Airlines has rolled out new uniforms for its staff.

The uniforms update the current 2016 design, and are manufactured by Land's End, the Wisconsin clothes maker.

The uniforms will undergo a field test by a group of more than 1,000 American team members — including employees from Flight Service, Airport Customer Service, and Premium Customer Services — to verify whether the uniforms perform in areas such as safety, comfort, and durability.

A release from the airline stated that Lands' End will produce the current design in a color called Aviation Blue, and that team members were involved every step of the way for the new shirting and accessory designs being introduced.

The last time American introduced new uniforms, they were made by apparel company Twin Hill. American received more than 5,000 complaints from employees who said the new uniforms made them break out in hives and suffer other health issues such as vertigo.

Throughout the testing period, field testers will provide weekly feedback on the fit, form and function of the uniform and are responsible for listening to input from their colleagues and sharing that information, too.

No accommodation has been made for input from flying customers, which is not to say that you cannot weigh in with a "Hey, that's a mighty durable-looking uniform you're wearing," or "That uniform looks so safe right now." Alas, it probably won't have much impact on their final decision.

Those participating in the field test represent 51,000 team members who will don the new uniform when it finally rolls out in late 2019.