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DFW's newest luxe spa pampers cancer patients with special TLC

DFW's newest luxe spa pampers cancer patients with special TLC

Women receiving a facial
The spa will pamper people with compromised skin conditions. Photo courtesy of Visit Houston

The first spa in North Texas to offer services for clients experiencing injury or illness — along with everyday esthetics — has opened in the sixth-floor salon area of Neiman Marcus’ downtown Dallas flagship store.

At The Hopemore, oncology-trained estheticians have designed a menu of services for clients at every stage of cancer treatment. According to a release, these include signature oncology facials ($60), scalp treatments ($30), pre-treatment face and body preps ($50), post-treatment pigmentation regimens ($60), hand treatments, and wig services (prices vary). Corrective make-up services are also available for post-operative periods or persons who have experienced injury or illness to conceal scarring, bruising or any tell-tale signs of trauma, they say.

For those without compromised skin conditions, The Hopemore also offers traditional spa treatments, such as luxury facials, dermaplaning, LED light therapy, and full make-up applications. There's a men's facial and a beard facial, too. Services start about $125. The spa's current seasonal special is called "S'more Indulgence Treatment" ($175) and includes "a complex blend of hydrating peptides and botanicals resulting in overall health and hydration."

“Just because someone requires different treatment doesn’t mean they want to be treated differently,” says The Hopemore founder Jeanna Doyle in the release. “We are a specialty spa that is emphasizing the care in skincare.”

Doyle, a licensed cosmetologist and medical aesthetic provider, has spent 25 years in the fields of corrective make-up and oncology esthetics. She says she wanted to create a spa that would offer people "more hope in any season of life."

She and her business partner, Gina Betts, created The Hopemore, they say, as specialty spa that provides custom services by oncology-trained estheticians to meet specific needs for every skincare type.

The Hopemore's tagline is: "A Luxe Spa for Everyone."

Doyle knows what she is doing. Her pioneering work in corrective make-up has been the subject of two scientific studies at University of Texas Southwestern; one in plastic surgery and one in oncology esthetics. She is also the author of Wig ED, the first beauty book on hair loss and wig selection.

Kris Astroff, a licensed esthetician trained in oncology esthetics, serves as the skincare director of The Hopemore. 

The Hopemore is open now on the sixth floor of Neiman Marcus Downtown, adjacent to the Michael Flores Salon, at 1603 Commerce St., Dallas.

Spa hours are 10 am-6 pm Tuesday through Friday, 10 am-3 pm, and by appointment on Sunday and Monday.