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Lowe's to open first Texas outlet store with discount appliances in Irving

Lowe's to open first Texas outlet with discount appliances in Irving

It'll have scratch-and-dent versions of Lowe's appliances. Courtesy photo

Home goods chain Lowe's Home Improvement is opening a new kind of store in Dallas-Fort Worth: Called Lowe's Outlet of Irving, it will be a discounted version of a regular Lowe's, with new merchandise that has minor cosmetic damage.

A spokesperson confirms that the store will be located in Irving, at 3500 West Airport Fwy., and will open sometime in 2021.

This is the chain's first outlet store in Texas and only the third in the U.S. It takes over what used to be a regular Lowe's, which was among the 51 "underperforming" locations, and the only one in Texas, that Lowe's closed in February 2019.

"Lowe's is returning to Irving in a new form," the spokesperson says. "While we are still finalizing details, we can share that the new Lowe's Outlet of Irving will carry more than 1,000 new, carefully inspected scratch-and-dent appliances. Customers purchasing appliances will enjoy a full manufacturer’s warranty at discounted prices up to 70 percent."

The spokesperson says that, in addition to the discounted appliances, the outlet store will also carry a small selection of add-on items, including appliance accessories such as dryer vents and fridge filters.

Lowe's opened their first outlet store in Monrovia, California, in October 2019. It's a 31,000-square-foot store selling appliances with minor cosmetic damage at 25 to 70 percent off regular price.

The merchandise consists of appliances and parts that have been slightly scratched or dented at or in transit to regular Lowe's stores.

 A regular Lowe's store averages 112,000 square feet with an additional 32,000 square feet outdoors.

The company opened its second outlet store in Connecticut in September 2020.

"We know Lowe's Outlet of Irving will be a great resource for neighbors, whether residents or small business, who need quality appliances on a budget," the spokesperson says.