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Pipe up for your favorite Fort Worth landmark for most endangered list

Pipe up for your favorite Fort Worth landmark for most endangered list

Tarrant County Convention Center
The Tarrant County Convention Center has made the list in prior years. UTA/EDU

If you have a favorite old building in Fort Worth that you're worried about, now's the time to speak up. Historic Fort Worth Inc., a preservation group, is seeking candidates for the 2022 rendition of its annual Most Endangered Places list.

The list is a marketing overture that spotlights historic resources in peril.

That peril could be any number of circumstances such as deferred maintenance, no local landmark designation, loss of parking, or lack of awareness of economic incentives to rehab historic buildings.

They've been doing this program since at least 2004. Buildings they've spotlighted over the years include Knights of Pythias Hall, Texas & Pacific Warehouse, Fort Worth Public Market Building, and a Big Boy on Jacksboro Highway. Some have been saved, some not.

The Fort Worth Convention Center has made the list in prior years. They write:

Fort Worth's flying saucer convention center arena was designed in the 1960s as an urban renewal project for the county by a consortium of local architects that included Preston M. Geren, Herman E. Cox, Morris Parker, and the firms of Hueppelhueser & White, and Wilson, Patterson, Sowden, Dunlap, and Everly. Today, this arena that played host to everything from Elvis to the opera deserves a chance to be repurposed for a different function instead of facing demolition.

Hear hear!

There's a comprehensive summary of all the properties that have appeared on prior lists online. There's also a cool map with photos.

For the 2022 list, a wide range of sites will be considered, including commercial, residential, religious, public buildings, neighborhoods, bridges, monuments, and landscapes.

According to a release, properties that are recognized as endangered can benefit from increased public awareness and assistance from Historic Fort Worth to address issues.

They say there is a nomination form you can download, although said form is not anyplace obvious on their website, which you can send to:

Most Endangered Places, Historic Fort Worth Inc., 1110 Penn St., Fort Worth, TX 76102 or via email.

The deadline is March 11. Maybe also try emailing prc@historicfortworth.org.

An announcement of the list will be made May 8 at 12 noon at Thistle Hill, 1509 Pennsylvania Ave. The event is part of National Preservation Month in May.