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Latest crazy beer from Fort Worth's Martin House is pizza-flavored

Latest crazy beer from Fort Worth's Martin House is pizza-flavored

Martin House pizza beer
Do you even need the pizza at this point? Photo courtesy of Martin House

Fort Worth craft beer maker Martin House Brewing is known for its creative beer flavors but on their newest one, have they gone a step too far? Called Space Pizza, it's a beer that summons the flavors of pizza, and is currently available on store shelves.

According to a release, Space Pizza has an ABV of 5.2 percent and is brewed with pizza spices.

"We had to start off 2021 with some crazy," the release says. "We've been wanting to make this one on a large scale for a long time and that time is now."

The release claims that they've "done a lot of research" on this one, designed to "complement that extra large cheese pizza on family game night."

Martin House brand manager Shugg Cole says that this release represents a departure from what the brewery usually does, in that it is not a sour beer.

"We first did a test batch of this beer in the taproom on Valentine's Day in 2020," he says. "It was just trying a silly beer. But that test batch was a sour beer, and that's a big difference between what we ended up releasing."

"Most of our beers are sour based, we almost always do sour beers," he says. "For this, we decided to play with the ingredients, just make it be a pizza beer in its own category."

The beer is a conceptual cousin of their Salty Lady Michelada, in that they both have a tomato component.

"It's the flavoring and spices of pizza, you've got tomato and oregano in there as well," he says. "There is actual tomato paste and tomato powder, although it doesn't change the consistency. It's not thick. But the tomato adds flavor and color, and you can taste tomato."

Martin House puts out a new beer every week in the taproom and for sale in stores. Prior attention-getters include their Buffalo Wing Sauce beer, which they released in October and which earned national attention. "We had people calling for it from Buffalo, New York," he says.

If there's a particularly popular flavor, they'll occasionally reissue it. And if it's really-really popular, like their breakout pickle beer, it gets added to the regular roster.

"The pizza beer will be the same as all the other ones — it'll be distributed this week and next, and then gone forever," he says.