More Sweets for Sundance Square

Novel 2-for-1 shop sweetens the mix at Fort Worth’s Sundance Square

Novel 2-for-1 shop sweetens the mix at Fort Worth’s Sundance Square

Red Mango frozen yogurt
Red Mango has partnered with Nestle Toll House Cafe by Chip in Sundance Square.  Courtesy photo

Sundance Square gets a two-for-one with the opening of a Red Mango combined with a Nestle Toll House Cafe by Chip. The shop opened on December 30 in the former Yumilicious space in a strip of sweetness that includes neighbors Schakolad Chocolate Factory and the Original Cupcakery.

This store represents one of a rare new model between the two concepts. Ziad Dalal, cofounder of Nestle Toll House Cafe by Chip, describes the partnership as a good combination, because yogurt and smoothies are more appealing in warmer months, while baked goods have year-round appeal.

In addition to the Sundance location, there's one at the CityLine complex in Richardson and another in New York.

Kimberly Tauch, who owns the Sundance location and also works with franchisees of the Nestle Toll House Cafe concept, said that she was thrilled by the warm reception she got on opening day.

"We were open for a couple of hours on December 30, but we had our first full day on the 31st, and it was insane," she says. "Being in the store was like being in a bar. We have the Red Mango frozen yogurt and the cookies, but everyone was ordering coffee and hot chocolate.

"We do have an exceptional offering, but I've never seen that much demand for coffee or hot chocolate."

She has adopted the serve-yourself setup left by Yumilicious, an approach that Red Mango adopted in 2014, and she anticipates that her wider range of offerings will help the store thrive where Yumilicious could not.

"You have the cookies as a treat, but the yogurt is good if you want something that feels more healthy," she says. "We're also eventually going to do muffins and smoothies. And Sundance Square is an amazing location."

She also has an element of discovery. "Red Mango has been out on the street, but Nestle Toll House Cafe cut its teeth inside malls," she says. "So we get a lot of people who've never seen anything like it."