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Where to drink in Fort Worth right now: 5 skinny sips allowed on your diet

Where to drink in Fort Worth now: 5 skinny sips allowed on your diet

Double Under, HG Sply, cocktail
HG Sply Co.’s Double Under brings a whole new meaning to drinking your veggies. Photo courtesy of HG Sply Co.

If you're looking for cocktails that are a little less naughty in the new year, know that it is possible to sip skinny. These resolution-friendly options at Fort Worth-area bars and restaurants won’t weigh you down. With veggies, fresh juice and even a little protein, some could even be considered downright good for you. From a beet-infused tequila concoction to vodka-spiked green juice, these five guilt-free libations bring new meaning to toasting to good health.

Double Under, HG Sply Co.
Available on the rocks or frozen, HG Sply Co.’s beet-infused Double Under brings a whole new meaning to drinking your veggies. The viejo tequila in the crimson-colored libation is infused with beet juice, which imparts an earthy yet slightly sweet flavor. Even better, beets are one of the healthiest root vegetables around, having been shown to help lower blood pressure and assist with weight loss. A healthy squeeze of fresh lime juice and touch of rosemary scented turbinado simple syrup make this garden-inspired cocktail one of the tastiest in town.

Strawberry Blood Orange Smash, Cantina Laredo
With only 120 calories, this not-too-sweet strawberry sipper will be kind to your waistline. Made with Skyy Infusions blood orange vodka, fresh muddled strawberries, fragrant basil leaves, and tart lemon juice, the concoction is as refreshing as it is pretty. The drink is part of Cantina Laredo’s new Skinny Sips low-calorie cocktail menu (available for a limited time), which also includes two skinny margaritas — a traditional variety made with lime and a raspberry version. All are topped with a splash of calorie-free club soda for thirst-quenching effervescence.

Garden’s Blood, Righteous Foods
With more than a dozen ways to responsibly “retox,” Righteous Foods feels like a virtual safe haven for better-for-you cocktails. Perhaps at the top of the list is the Garden’s Blood, which is basically an organic vodka-spiked green juice. Fresh mint, basil, and a bit of piquant jalapeño add a crisp punch of green goodness. Other resolution-friendly favorites include the Blueberry Collins, made with good-for-the-gut blueberry drinking vinegar, and the Tamarind Pisco “Protein Drank,” shaken with an organic egg white.

Skinny Long Island Iced Tea, The Cheesecake Factory
It might sound downright dangerous to visit cheesecake headquarters while counting calories, but the restaurant’s Skinnylicious cocktail menu promises low-calorie options that don’t skimp on taste. Sip on the Skinny Long Island Iced Tea — a potent combination of vodka, rum, gin, tequila, lemon and lime juice topped with a splash of calorie-free Coke Zero. No sugary triple sec or sweet and sour mix in this bad boy, which just might allow for a bite (or two) of cheesecake while you’re there.

Island Refresher, Blue Sushi Sake Grill
Blue Sushi Sake Grill welcomes imbibers partaking in “dry January” with a new menu of alcohol-free “mocktails” that will make you forget you any missing buzz. Hydrate and even get a good source of nutrients with the Island Refresher, made with antioxidant-rich organic coconut water and fresh orange and pineapple juices. It’s like a tropical retreat without the expensive plane ticket or the cabana boy. Other waistline-friendly mocktails include the Hibiscus Squeeze with lemonade and hibiscus puree, and Pure Strength made with lemonade, guava puree, and protein-rich chia seeds.