Sugar High

Outrageous candy store brings sugary extremes to downtown Fort Worth

Outrageous candy store brings sugary extremes to downtown Fort Worth

It'sugar specializes in giant versions of candies such as this mega-peppermint patty. Photo courtesy of It'sugar

A specialty candy and gift store with a vexing apostrophe in its name debuts in Fort Worth in April, with a branch opening in Sundance Square.

Called It'sugar, it's part of a national chain founded by a veteran candy guy and will go into the space that was previously Capital One Bank, in between Mi Cocina and Barse Jewelry.

A release calls It'sugar not just a candy store but also an "entertainment destination" and an "escape from day-to-day life." It has a number of unique elements in addition to its typographically challenged name. The Washington Post describes it as "rebellious," with dance music blaring through the speakers and Andy Warhol-esque paintings of gummy bears on the walls.

Outrageous merchandise includes bacon-scented lip balm and pickle-flavored gumballs. But its biggest claim to fame is its oversized items such as 2-pound Rice Krispies treats, 5-pound gummy bears, and 8-foot-long gummy pythons.

It groups products by theme, such as nostalgic candies or Nerds items, including not just candy but things like toys and pillows.

And don't forget its deliberate mangling of the possessive case. Never forget.

It'sugar was founded in 2006 by Jeff Rubin, whose previous candy store accomplishments include founding FAO Schweetz, the candy store inside FAO Schwartz, and co-founding Dylan's Candy Bar, the New York candy store from Ralph Lauren's daughter. He's into sugar.

The chain has more than 80 retail locations in all your major U.S. cities as well as international outposts in Panama, Venezuela, and Grand Cayman. There's a branch at the Grapevine Mills Mall, plus locations in Houston, San Antonio, and at Fort Hood in Killeen.


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