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Brewery restaurant opens in Fort Worth with some Deep Ellum funk

Brewery restaurant opens in Fort Worth with some Deep Ellum funk

Deep Ellum Brewing Company in Dallas
A touch of Deep Ellum comes to Fort Worth. Deep Ellum Brewing Company/Facebook

UPDATE: Deep Ellum Funkytown Fermatorium is open as of March 1.


A new brewery-restaurant with Deep Ellum ties is opening in Fort Worth — and with a bit of Deep Ellum attitude, to boot.

Called Deep Ellum Funkytown Fermatorium, it's opening at 611 University Dr., in a sweet building that used to be a printing shop. It's a spinoff of Deep Ellum Brewing Co., one of the first local craft beer brewers in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Founder John Reardon wanted to expand, and thought Fort Worth was the most logical first step. He found this location in the Linwood district in 2017, which he called "not exactly West 7th, but close enough."

Also nicknamed "Deep Ellum West," the Funkyown Fermatorium will feature five brewing barrels, but compared to the original, will be far more food-centric, with a kitchen and a bar. The original location started out merely as a brewery, before eventually adding food trucks and outside vendors to provide snacks.

The beer lineup will be the same as what's served at the Dallas location, such as Dallas Blonde and Deep Ellum IPA. But they'll also do occasional small batches of other brews.

The food will be American with Italian influences, including items such as spinach artichoke dip, shared plates, and wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza, with a menu crafted by consulting chef Dino Santonicola, formerly of Cane Rosso.

All systems were go until January 22, when Reardon and company learned that their opening would be delayed due to the federal government shutdown, since they're unable to hire employees or sell beer until the government reopens.

Undaunted, they've announced that, if their permitting application is not approved by March 1, they'll move forward with their opening and serve beer for free.

"Our 'Deep Ellum Brewing FTW' sign is ready to be installed!," the post says. "This is the last item on our checklist, asides from our 'grand' 'ol government’s stamp of approval. Unfortunately, with everybody on an indefinite unpaid holiday, we have no idea when that approval may come."

"Regardless where you stand, or what you believe, there are a lot of innocent people and businesses being affected by all this nonsense," it continues. "That’s why we’ve decided to open our doors regardless of the Tax & Trade Bureau’s approval. Unlike our elected officials, I don’t find it right to sideline employees while the government keeps trying to put the FUN in dysfunctional."

"While I’d love to just pull the blinds and do some good old fashioned bootlegging, we’ve decided to just give the beer away until the shutdown ends. That’s right, free beer at @deepellumftw starting on March 1. God Bless"