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2 new restaurants give Southlake an abundance of amazing sushi

2 new restaurants give Southlake an abundance of amazing sushi

Sushi Sakana
Get really close to your sushi. Photo courtesy of Sushi Sakana

Southlake is suddenly swimming in sushi with two awesome new sushi restaurants that both just opened.

One is a food truck that graduated to the big time. The other is a Plano restaurant that spawned a spinoff.

Here's what's new on Southlake's sushi front:

Sushi Sakana
Sushi Sakana recently opened at 2175 E. Southlake Blvd., sandwiched between Snappy Salads and Torchy's Tacos, in a space previously occupied by a SmashBurger. It's the second location of a highly regarded sushi restaurant that's been open in Plano for 15 yeas.

The menu features a wide selection of sushi, including specialty items such as deep-fried rolls and a variation called Osaka-style sushi which is layered and pressed into precise squares.

In addition to sushi, they have entrees such as chicken teriyaki, bulgogi, yakisoba, katsudon, and shrimp tempura, and interesting desserts such as tempura cake and mochi ice cream.

Sushi Dojo
Sushi spot at 3105 E. Southlake Blvd. is Ryan Nguyen, who previously worked at a Kroger sushi bar in North Richland Hills. He launched a food truck in March 2020, just as the pandemic hit, then switched to doing sushi pop-ups and developing a following.

Whe the former Frezco Taco Spot space became available, he took it over for his brick-and-mortar storefront.

His vision is to provide delicious sushi at an affordable price.

The menu features sushi, plus pot stickers in both chicken and veggie varieties, plus unique items such as the Sensei Burrito, like an oversized sushi roll wih tempura shrimp, crab salad, cucumber, avocado, and rice.

They also do cute sushi "tacos" with tempura shrimp, crab salad, avocado, and spicy-sweet sauce served in a fried bao, two per order.

Their big thing is massive supermarket-style trays with multiple sushi rolls, designed for catering, neighborhood pop-ups (which they still do in neighborhoods across Tarrant County), and special events such as birthdays, where they'll arrange the sushi rolls into dates.