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Fort Worth's most anticipated Mexican restaurant debuts on South Main

Fort Worth's most anticipated Mexican restaurant debuts on South Main

Authentic Mexican food plus great cocktails, worth the wait. Photo courtesy of Tinie's

It was a long time coming and now it's here: Tinie's, a restaurant doing chef-driven traditional Mexican cuisine, will open in Fort Worth's SoMa District. According to a release, it'll open on March 10.

The restaurant is from names that are familiar in the local restaurant scene, including Sarah Castillo, Glen Keely, and executive chef Christian Lehrmann, who signed the lease at 125 South Main St. three years ago.

"We were one of the first to sign a lease; we could tell that whole area was going to be cool, but the building wasn't ready yet," Castillo says.

They originally dreamed of a fast-casual Mexican rotisserie, but over time, it evolved into what they saw was an unfilled niche.

"With travel and dining experiences and the restaurant scene developing in Fort Worth, we saw the demand for chef-driven, high-end Mexican cuisine," Castillo says. "We are offering a high caliber and sophistication of true Mexican dining."

For the menu, they've drawn their inspiration from Mexico City with dishes that include:

  • rotisserie chicken
  • slow-braised goat
  • roasted pork carnitas
  • whole fish
  • tuna tostadas
  • empanadas

Chef Lehrmann says that their priorities will be exceptional ingredients and technique, and simple presentations packed with flavor.

For the bar program, Keely says they're going back to the basics and letting the spirits shine.

"We are having fun using classic cocktail templates and techniques, utilizing indigenous spirit families paired with custom syrups and cordials," he says. Their wine list is sourced from Latin America.

The restaurant is in the historic W.A. Powers Company building, built in 1939 and used to manufacture conveyors and hand trucks. The vibe is rustic elegance with exposed brick and wood.

The dining room occupies the bottom floor. The second floor is home to their bar, called Escondite ("the hideaway"), an homage to dark mezcal halls such as Palenquito in Mexico City and Fort Worth favorite, JJ's Hideaway. Castillo says they're thrilled to be part of the South Main area, neighbors with concepts like Panther City and Tarantula Tiki Lounge.

The restaurant is named for her mother. "Her name is Christina, but she's always been a small woman, and Tinie's is her nickname," Castillo says.