Craft Beer Love Fest

High-profile brewpub in downtown Denton covers all craft-beer bases

High-profile brewpub in downtown Denton covers all craft-beer bases

Craft beers along a bar
There'll be plenty of this at the new Audacity Brew House at Travelstead in Denton. iStock

Denton gets a new brewpub, courtesy of a powerhouse partnership. Audacity Brew House has teamed up with the folks behind LSA Burger Co. and Barley & Board to open a new spot called Audacity Brew House at Travelstead.

Dentonites know Travelstead as the hallowed downtown spot that's been the site of the annual musical Oaktopia Festival. Stretching a city block from East Oak to East Hickory, two blocks from the center square, it has both a historical structure and a treed outdoor setting, a combination rare in an urban area.

The facility will be a craft beer love fest, with brews created onsite and a restaurant with a hops-inspired menu. If that's not enough brew for you, beer will be available to consume onsite or to take home in growlers, including beers from Audacity, plus some created exclusively for at Audacity Brew House at Travelstead.

Other menu treats include house-made sodas and chef-driven, beer-inspired food.

Spokesman Narciso Tovar says that the location is meaningful because it is rich with history, dating back to the 1930s. It has been a car dealership, an engine shop, and an auto supply place, and it has a cool façade. "Also because of the fact that, most recently, it was the site of the Oaktopia festival, which has won awards," he says.

LSA Burger Co. founder John "Sparky" Pearson, who despite the nickname is an adult male, says in a release that he's "stoked" to add another venue to the Denton community.

Eric Pulido, the musician from Midlake who also co-owns Barley & Board, says that "the storied past is the heartbeat" of the Audacity Brew House at Travelstead. "We're working now to build the body around that," he says, which sounds a tiny bit Frankenstein-ian.

The brewpub will name its taproom the "Trap Room" in honor of Ulric Clyde Travelstead, who owned the business originally in the 1930s.

Scott Lindsey of Audacity Brew House says he's excited to be collaborating together with Travelstead.

"We've worked endlessly to put Denton on the map as a destination spot in the ever-growing craft beer scene, and this newest venture gives us an invaluable opportunity to begin a new chapter of inspired brews made specifically with the new brewpub in mind," he says.