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Bubble alert: New sparkling wine bar coming to Fort Worth's South Main

Bubble alert: New sparkling wine bar coming to Fort Worth's South Main

Nothing more awesome than a bar dedicated to bubbles. Photo courtesy of Paramour

Let's raise a toast to Champagne bars, because there's a new one coming to Fort Worth: Called The Coupe, it'll be located at 314 S. Main St., in a vintage building that formerly housed a law/bail bonds office and is now being repurposed for restaurants.

Construction is underway, with an opening slated for the end of 2022.

The Coupe is from husband-and-wife Scott Kimble and Lauren Badgett, who share a passion for all things bubbly. While both are currently employed in the healthcare industry, Scott has extremely relevant food & beverage experience, as a former server at Grand Cru Wine Bar on Magnolia Avenue, which is also where the couple met.

"Lauren and I met when I poured her a glass of sparkling rose, and this dream of opening a sparkling wine lounge grew from there," Scott says. "We saw that there were wine bars and places that serve Champagne, but didn't find anyplace solely focused on sparking wines."

Champagne bars are starting to emerge as a Dallas-Fort Worth trend: March 18 saw the opening of Pinky's Champagne Room & Velvet Jazz Lounge, a bubble-centric new lounge in Fort Worth's Near Southside, and there's another coming online in Dallas in summer 2022, called Coupe Dallas, no relation, but also named for the shallow, almost flat bowl-showed glass designed for Champagne.

At The Coupe in Fort Worth, they'll offer sparkling in bottles, by the glass, and for retail sale.

"Our focus will be smaller production stuff you can't find on the shelves, wines that showcase the generations of families who have put their life’s work into growing the grapes and producing the wine," he says. "One big reason we wanted to do this was the fact that most places who do offer sparkling often have a limited selection filled with well-known brand names. We'd like to spotlight labels that are more affordable and introduce our customers to areas of the world outside Champagne."

The building they're going into was acquired in March 2021 by CHC Development, who office a block away and are repurposing the space for restaurant use. One big asset is that the location will feature a large shared patio.

Scott, who also does graphic design, once worked for a company across the street and knows the area inside out.

"I worked in the neighborhood before it blossomed," he says. "South Main Street wasn't as nice back then, but they've done a lot to extend the Magnolia energy over to South Main."

Their sparkling little endeavor will join buzzy neighbors like The Bearded Lady, Hot Box Biscuit Club, Roots Coffee House, and Tinie's Mexican Rotisserie, all mere doors away.

"Our vision is of a coffeehouse-wine bar mix, with couches and chairs for you to stop in and get comfy. You can come in, have a glass of sparkling wine, even do some work, if your job allows you to drink at work," he says with a smile.