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Craft beer brewer in Arlington closes due to nonpayment of rent

Craft beer brewer in Arlington closes due to nonpayment of rent

Beer pour taps
The taps are now closed. Courtesy photo

A brewery and taproom in the city of Arlington has pulled the plug: Legal Draft Beer Co., which opened in Arlington's downtown neighborhood at 500 E. Division St. in 2016, closed on March 21 after six years.

Founders Greg McCarthy and Curt Taylor posted news of the closure on their Facebook page, thanking customers and the community, and citing the pandemic as a contributing cause.

"The beer business is tough and complicated, especially during a pandemic. In the end, our hard work and the following of our wonderful customers was just not enough for us to survive," they said.

Comments on their post indicated that the brewery had been locked out for not paying their rent since September, and a representative from the landlord said that they did everything in their power to work with the tenant to keep them open, even while in default for many months.

In addition to pouring beer at their facility, Legal Draft also sold their beer through retailers and bars. Their beers had legal-themed names such as Chief Justice Stout; McCarthy is a former lawyer.

Their post was a little confusing. It said "This is not goodbye, just see you soon," and that "there are still beers at your favorite stores, so grab some and enjoy a brew."

However, they do not plan to continue brewing beer, which means that whatever beer is still at your favorite stores will only be in limited supply until it runs out.