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Fun new sports bar in Bedford gives mid-cities something to drink about

Fun new sports bar in Bedford gives midcities something to drink about

Central Office bar & kitchen
Central Office Bar & Kitchen has a pretty patio at sunset. Yelp

Like any town, Bedford could use more bars, so let's welcome Central Office Bar & Kitchen, a new sports bar and restaurant that opened in March in a comfy spot at 2208 Central Dr. where they're serving all of your bar essentials and more. Cold beer, cocktails, food, and a fun atmosphere are are always on "the day's agenda," they say, because of that office theme, get it.

The location has good karma: It was home for a number of years to Ted E's Kitchen, a popular restaurant and caterer that had been in the space since 2015 but closed during the pandemic; prior to that it was an Asian restaurant called Fortune Star Buffet.

Enough about the past, because this is the present when you can can relax on Central Office's outdoor patio or avail yourself of their multiple entertaining options inside. Those include sports on TV, with a 120-incher airing all of the balls: basketball and football and other balls.

They also have pool tables, darts, and karoake, as well as some interesting games such as their TouchTunes jukebox and two Lane Master bowling games. On Mondays, they do Trivia Night, and the one on April 18 is sponsored by trendy Eight Elite Lager, the tasty 90-calorie beer from former Dallas Cowboys Troy Aikman.

The interior has a welcome "clean" feeling with a brick wall that does actually lend an office vibe. The bar itself is bathed in blue light, and there are multiple neon signs on the walls.

The menu includes burgers, a chicken quesadilla, and chicken sandwiches that come in spicy, crispy, and chicken wrap. Plus wings with a choice from 10 sauces, plus chicken tenders, and even vegan tenders. These guys know what's up.

Fun shareable dishes include mini corn dogs, loaded nachos, loaded fries, jalapeno poppers, fried pickles, and an interesting twist on popcorn chicken in which the chicken is shaped like tater tots, pop one in your mouth, boom. There are also three salads, which is a noble effort. Snaps for the salads. Everything is under $10.

Bartenders are friendly, and they have what they boldly describe as the best happy hour in town, one that runs from 12-7 pm and includes drink specials every day, not just weekdays.

Central Office is actually a spinoff of another prosperous mid-cities bar, on the border of Fort Worth and Euless, called Office on Trinity, also with an office theme, get it, whose specialty is a big selection of shots. Owner Tim Parini is a Euless native who previously worked in the wine and spirits industry.

"I've been in the bar industry for 10 years — before that I was in the corporate world," he says. "I grew up in this part of town and wanted to provide a place where locals could get out and have some food and drink at a good price."

Mission accomplished.