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Jane is the name of this new coffee and wine bar coming to Southlake

Jane is the name of this new coffee and wine bar coming to Southlake

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There'll be a little wine, a little coffee, some cheese and charcuterie. Photo by Julie Soefer

UPDATE 7-23-2021: Jane has arrived. They're hosting a soft opening on Friday June 23 and Saturday June 24, from 5 pm-12 am (the kitchen closes 11 pm). They're still completing their patio construction and will eventually announce an official opening date. Meanwhile, the Coffee Bar is open daily 8:30 am-3:30 pm. They encourage all to come by for a latte or try their cold brew on tap.


Wine bars are on the upswing, and now there's one coming to Southlake this spring: Called Jane, it'll be a combination wine and coffee bar serving coffee, wine, cocktails, and bites, opening at 1151 E. Southlake Blvd., across from Southlake Town Square.

Owner Mo Noorali was born and raised in the DFW area and subsequently lived in New York for almost 15 years. He and his wife moved back to Texas once they started having a family.

With Jane, they're channeling some of the excitement of New York's food scene. In fact, their concept is named for Jane Street in the West Village.

"We loved all of the restaurants in New York, with so many that were smaller and independently owned," Noorali says. "When we started working on this restaurant, the name 'Jane' was initially just a placeholder. A monumental period of my time in New York was spent living in an apartment on Jane Street, we'd always host friends and family and celebrated some important life events there, and the name just seemed fitting."

Encouraged by family members who have experience in the hospitality industry as well as a landlord eager for a coffee option, they dove in. Right now, they're at the fun creative stage of working out the menu and wine list.

They plan to open incrementally: the coffee shop first, possibly in May, then unfurl the wine bar in June.

"It'll be a wine bar with a selection of cheese and charcuterie boards as well as some small plates - steak tartar and some hot items including meatballs and sliders," he says. "One thing we're passionate about is keeping the menu fresh and incorporating seasonal ingredients."

For the wine list, they'll bring in wines from different regions of the world. "We're trying to keep it interesting but also have some familiar labels that people look for," he says.

In addition to wine, they'll have a full bar with craft cocktails, as well as a full coffee bar, meaning they'll thoughtfully be open in the morning, as well.

They'll also have the feature that's become a must-have for any new restaurant or bar: the patio. "It'll be a covered patio with an open and airy al fresco feel," he says.

For coffee, they're going with La Colombe, the Philadelphia coffee roaster that also has cafes in cities across the U.S.

"The foundations at Jane are wine and coffee," Noorali says. "The way I explain what we're doing is that it's like a nice hotel lobby bar."

"In the morning, you can have a meeting, pick up coffee and light breakast items, or sit at the bar and drink cappuccino," he says. "It'll transition as the day progresses to be a place where you can grab a light lunch, or come after work for happy hour, a pre-dinner drink, or dessert."