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Where to drink in Fort Worth right now: 5 best places to sip whiskey

Where to drink in Fort Worth right now: 5 best places to sip whiskey

Glasses of whiskey with ice on bar or table
Whiskey lovers in Fort Worth rejoice. Photo via Taopic.com

As the venerable Mark Twain once said, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” We’re inclined to agree.

Along with its increased availability of local craft brews, Fort Worth has seen impressive growth in its cocktail scene, especially if you're into whiskey. We’ve stumbled upon five excellent spots that stand out with their substantial selection and quality.

Thompson’s Bookstore
Don’t be fooled by the name or the bookshelves lining the storefront. This bar, named after the location's former tenant, embodies the quintessential feel of a speakeasy. As expected, the list of whiskey is extensive and the staff extremely knowledgeable. Both whiskey novices and aficionados will feel right at home.

A stone’s throw from Thompson’s, the bar of this five-star restaurant is a destination unto itself. We recommend dabbling a little on both the extensive whiskey and inventive cocktail sides of the menu to get the full experience as well as sitting front-row to the whiskey shelf and taking advantage of the knowledgeable bartenders' expertise. 

Silver Leaf Cigar Lounge
Silver Leaf Cigar Lounge features a large menu of whiskey to pair with its even larger list of cigars. Next to the bar is the walk-in humidor with a cigar expert ready to assist. Meanwhile, the bar is fully stocked with a great selection of wine, liquor, beer, and cocktails, but whiskey is king when it comes to pairing with cigars.

Whiskey & Rye
Located on the first floor of the Omni Fort Worth, Whiskey & Rye is not your typical hotel bar. You’ll find an upscale bar with billiards, a fun crowd, a highly varied cocktail menu, and an extensive whiskey list. This is a great spot to meet up with friends, listen to live music, play games, and try a new drink. And if you can't pick just one, order a whiskey flight.

This anchor of Sundance Square has been a staple in DFW for high-quality food and drinks for many years. The view from the rooftop bar, paired with a glass of whiskey from the curated selection, is one of the best bar experiences in Cowtown.


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