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New Aldi supermarket brings discount groceries to far north Fort Worth

New Aldi supermarket brings discount groceries to far north Fort Worth

Aldi USA Grocery Store
The new store is opening in a very Aldi-friendly area. Photo courtesy of Aldi

A new supermarket known for its super cheap prices is opening in far north Fort Worth. Aldi, the discount grocery chain, will open a location at 5129 Golden Triangle Blvd., east of I-35W.

This will be the 93rd store in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and the fourth location to open in what is a surprisingly Aldi-friendly area.

Aldi has three other stores open nearby: on N. Tarrant Parkway, at Presidio, and in North Richland Hills. There are 20 Aldi locations in Tarrant County.

Scott Huska, who is Denton Vice President for the chain, confirms that the store is coming, but between construction and schedule uncertainties due to the coronavirus, he doesn't have a projected opening date.

"We are excited to confirm that we are planning to open a new Aldi store in Fort Worth, but do not have further details at this time," Huska says.

Aldi is known for its low prices and warehouse-style interior, and perhaps even moreso for its quirky yet effective policy requiring to place a 25-cent deposit to get a cart. This adds incentive for you to return it yourself and guarantees that there are never carts spaced out on the edge of their parking lots. If it were a nickel, people might not bother. But for a quarter, oh yeah, you're gonna return that cart.

You have to bring your own bags or pay a fee, and bag your own groceries. Their stores are smaller and their selection is limited, with an inventory of approximately 1,400 items versus the 40,000 you get at regular supermarkets.

CNN calls them "brutally efficient."

The chain has a confusing history that has led to the impression that it's owned by Trader Joe's, but that's not true. The two companies do have a family connection. A company called Aldi Nord owns Trader Joe's in the U.S., while a company called Aldi Süd owns the Aldi chain in the United States.

But there are also products that seem like they're sold in both chains, although with different labels.

They used to open in discounty neighborhoods but lately, the chain is opening stores in upper middle-class suburbs, such as this one. And in recent years, they've increased their selection of fresh food including meats and produce, with a big selection of organic food.