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Fort Worth restaurant dedicated to burgers and biscuits calls it quits

Fort Worth restaurant dedicated to burgers and biscuits calls it quits

Not even tots could save the day. Photo by Ben's Triple B

A cute chef-owned restaurant near Texas Wesleyan featuring burgers, biscuits, and beer, is calling it quits: Ben's Triple B, a venture from chef Ben Merritt, is closing on May 25, which means you have barely a few hours to get over there and grab a burger and tots.

Merritt said in a statement that COVID-19 and its aftermath were the cause.

"With the aftermath effects of the pandemic & staffing struggles, we have made the hard decision to permanently close the doors at Ben's Triple B," Merritt said. "Unfortunately, even making it through the COVID-19 closures and restrictions, the rising cost of products and minimal staff has resulted in not being able to operate the restaurant in any way that resembles hospitality."

The restaurant will close on May 25 at 4 pm.

Merritt, who had previously opened Fixture in 2015 in the Near Southside, opened Ben's Triple B: Biscuits, Burgers and Brews near the campus of Texas Wesleyan University, at 3016 E. Rosedale St., in 2019.

It was part of the Rosedale Renaissance, a charge led by Texas Wesleyan, in partnership with the City of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, to revitalize the historic Polytechnic Heights neighborhood and East Fort Worth.

At the time it opened, Texas Wesleyan President Frederick Slabach called it the place to eat and socialize for students, faculty and staff, and patrons from all over Fort Worth.

The combination of biscuits, breakfast, burgers, and a full bar seemed to be irresistible. The menu had half a dozen burgers and loads of biscuit sandwiches, such as Buffalo chicken with blue cheese, plus desserts, such as "cherry pie on a biscuit" with vanilla ice cream, and fried biscuit balls with caramel and cinnamon sugar.

It also had tots. How can you not win with tots?

Merritt closed his goodbyes by thanking the community, saying, "It has been an absolute blessing and pleasure to serve the Polytechnic neighborhood the past 2 years! Thank you all for your support. We will miss you!"


Stephanie Allmon Merry contributed to this story.