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High-quality meat butcher opens in Fort Worth's Camp Bowie District

High-quality meat butcher opens in Fort Worth's Camp Bowie District

Meat Board
The butcher shop will feature a glassed-in area where visitors can see what's going on. Photo courtesy of Meat Board

UPDATE: As of January 3, 2020, The Meat Board has opened.


A high-end meat shop and butcher called The Meat Board is opening in Fort Worth's Camp Bowie District, at 6314 Camp Bowie Blvd. in the Lincoln Village shopping center.

The owners are a quartet who have deep experience in the world of meat dating back for decades. The shop's main focus will be on the butcher operation. But it will also boast a lunch service, where customers can sit down and have a bite to eat.

Opening is scheduled for late summer to early fall.

The owners are Dr. Nick Nickelson, Don Rea, Pat Nicholson, and Sam Beebe, who've all been working in the meat industry in one capacity or another, says spokesperson Julia Rauschuber.

"Between the four partners on this project, they have more than 200 years of experience," Rauschuber says. "They possess a lot of knowledge, wisdom, and forward thinking, with the pioneering idea of bringing back a specialty butcher shop and offering high-quality, reliably-sourced meat products."

The group has many connections in the industry who can help reach this goal, she says.

"It's a close-knit group of providers — a lot of the people that will provide products are people we know personally," she says. "It's going to be very regionally driven, with products from around the Texas and Fort Worth area, to keep it special to our people and our state."

They'll do beef, pork, and chicken, Wagyu beef, sausages, and charcuterie products, she says. They'll also offer spices and rubs, cheese, and dry goods, and a selection of beer and wine.

"It'll be a one-stop shop for people who want to host a lovely dinner for their friends and family," she says.

They chose the location because of its location in a high-traffic area and its proximity to established neighborhoods like Ridglea Hills.

"We're planning on having lunch provided in the store, so you can come in and enjoy shopping and have a lunch," she says; the menu is still to be decided.

Another big component they'll offer will be classes covering cooking, food safety, and charcuterie.

"It'll be a clean, modern setup with a glassed-in butcher room at the center of the shop so that visitors can watch what's going on," she says. "But the big thing is going to be the meat itself."