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Salsa Limón taqueria makes triumphant return to Fort Worth Cultural District

Salsa Limón makes triumphant return to Fort Worth Cultural District

Salsa Limon
Museum District, Salsa Limón is back. Photo by Malcolm Mayhew

A beloved Fort Worth taqueria is celebrating a reopening of sorts: Salsa Limón will open a location at 925 University Dr., in the new Elan Crockett Row development.

This is the fifth location for the small locally-owned chain. According to a release, it'll open on June 26.

Co-owner Milo Ramirez says in a statement that they're excited to return to the Cultural District.

"This location has always held a special place for me and our team," he says. "It was one of our first brick-and-mortar locations and seeing us reopen in the district feels like a vision realized."

The new location has 2,900 square feet, with expanded seating. They're also introducing six new vegetarian and vegan plant-based items, starting at $2.50.

Ramirez says he's thinking about the planet.

"Salsa Limón has always strived to create a balance between traditional Mexican cuisine and a bold, new culinary experience, and our eco-conscious menu is a great example of that process," he says. "With the world experiencing potential meat shortages and the rising need for great food at a lower price point for our community and friends, we believe this new menu can make a difference."

Salsa Limón's tacos include traditional Mexico City street-style favorites with Oaxacan-influence. There'll also be margaritas in six options, including traditional, tamarind, and watermelon, plus seasonal flavors.

Salsa Limón is known for unique interior design at each location, and this will be no exception. Co-owner Rosalia Ramirez is bringing exciting elements such as an infinity table inspired by "The Ladder for Booker T. Washington," a centerpiece work at the neighboring Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth by artist Martin Puryear.

There's also a giant focal point bar top; communal tables; a lounge space for weekly karaoke nights; and a special wallpaper menu that will be layered with new offerings as the test kitchen site rolls out seasonal menu options.

Signature design elements include handmade wooden countertops, artwork from local artists, and vibrant decor.