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Grapevine craft brewery gets back in the game with beer in stores

Grapevine craft brewery gets back in the game with beer in stores

Grapevine Craft Brewery glasses
We can fill our Grapevine Craft Brewery glasses once again. Grapevine Craft Brewery/Facebook

After a sad year without beer, Grapevine Craft Brewery is back in the distribution game, with plans to ship cans to grocers and craft beer retailers. Beginning in mid-July, look for six-packs of Lakefire Rye Pale Ale and Sir Williams English Brown Ale to reappear on shelves.

There's a new offering: Railcar Double IPA, formerly the Brewers' Reserve Double IPA, with an 8.5 percent ABV and a punch of citrus aroma. It'll be sold in four-packs.

Grapevine ceased distribution in August 2016 but has continued to brew beers on a contract basis for other brewers via its brewing subsidy, North Texas Brewing Company.

But the success of its taproom and beer garden in historic downtown Grapevine persuaded the brewery to resume distributing its beers. At this time, that means cans only; the brewery will not be shipping draft beer outside of its taproom.

Sir Williams, which won a gold medal in 2014, won a silver medal in 2016 at the Great American Beer Festival.

Grapevine Craft Brewery CEO Gary Humble credits the contract brewing with keeping the brewery on its feet.

"It's because of great industry partners and friends that contract brewing provided a platform for a sustainable business," he says. "Beyond that, we continue to see great success on the local level in our taproom and beer garden, and fans have continued to support our small business. We love people and we love our community. We could not be more excited to have the opportunity to once again make our beers available to our friends in stores across Texas."